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Rock Sensation Zaida is a "Bulletproof Queen"

Zaida was born into art. From early memories of watching her mother’s fingers move graciously throughout the piano keys, she was mesmerized by the experience and took it into her own musicality by learning how to play the piano when she was 12 years old.

From then on her love for music began to branch out into the indulgent act of listening to music. Inspired by musicians such as Rob Thomas, Pink, and Jewel, Zaida is a storyteller in her songwriting that encourages listeners to travel with her.

Zaida states “Although the journey has been challenging, I am not ready to stop showing the people the world through my eyes. My lyrics portray the different journeys my life has taken me through; heartache, hardships, falling in love, and happiness. I want the people to feel what I felt, to see what I have seen, and to know what I have learned.”

Tapping into the likes of her most recent self-produced single “Bulletproof Queen,” we’re immersed in the electric environment that is portrayed in this empowering anthem. Embarking on a sonic voyage that takes personal experiences and caters them to directly relate to her fan base, we hear the narrative delve into a transition from one extreme, to the next.

Amplifying her boisterous persona and the fierce edginess that runs through her essence, “Bulletproof Queen,” has Zaida sky-rocketing to new heights as she expresses a prevailing tone that carries forth her luscious timbres. An electrifying sequence of guitar riffs drives home the unmatched energy that Zaida portrays through this song. Accompanied by the intensity delivered in the notably taut percussion arrangements which are memorable enough to write home about, every musical element meshes together for a colossal expansion of the rock n roll realm ruled by the femme power of Zaida.

Through each moment that conveys seamless anticipation of what’s to come next in the composition, you’re immersed in the bolstering spirits breaking free in what we trademark as a certified hit. Executing her talents on levels that have yet to be explored by the artist herself, we admire the passion that continues to go into Zaida’s melodic creations.

Congratulations on the release of “Bulletproof Queen.” We’re thrilled to hear that you’ve taken your skillset to self-production! What was the experience like when bringing this to life?

The positive aspect about having to quarantine, was that I was able to solely focus on my music and new methods. Thanks to Amazon, I built a home studio in my tiny dining room area, I had the time to learn new music programs, and perfect my recording skills. With Bulletproof Queen, I first produced the entire song in my head, using the acoustic version I had originally recorded on my cellphone. Luckily, by the time I was ready to record Bulletproof Queen, the recording studio in Miami re-opened. It was then that I able to transpose what was in my head onto the sound-board. Although, I did not bring Bulletproof Queen to life on my own. I had an amazing support group behind me. I had sent my band-mates the acoustic version of the song. We then got together and perfected the sound that was already produced in my mind. It all came together very smoothly.

Did producing “Bulletproof Queen,” on your own terms alter your creative process by any means?

I love being my own producer. I set my own goals, and I was able to follow through with all my ideas, and test out which ones work with the song. Producing Bulletproof Queen actually enhanced my creative process. The song is a completely different genre then what I usually compose/record. I wanted to record the song quickly because I had so many detailed ideas that I didn’t want to miss out on trying. I love being able to decide and finalize what sound comes out in the end. From the snare drum to a guitar riff, I love being the one to determine what stays and what doesn’t. Being creatively free is a gratifying feeling.

Do you find that you carry traits from your early start in music to the songs you fashion today?

I do find that I carry traits from my early start in music. I am still a storyteller at heart. Whether I tell my story using a ballad or a rock song, like Bulletproof Queen, the storytelling trait will never diminish.

What is the significance that this song holds to you? What are you hoping that your fan base takes away from it?

Bulletproof Queen, for me, is an anthem about mental strength. Society, nowadays, is harsh on a person. You have to speak correctly, look a certain way, carry yourself a certain way, the list is infinite. It seems that society has set so many unwritten rules for us to subconsciously follow. I, for one, have been “pulled apart”, I have been categorized a certain way, and I have not met those expectations that society tends to put on a person. But, I have come to realize, that yes, “I am who I am”, and that is a good thing. I know who I am, I know what I can do, and I will prevail. I am strong enough to overcome the obstacles that have been thrown at me, because I am a Bulletproof Queen. I want the listeners to feel that same emotion when they hear my song. I want them to think, “yes, I can do this, I won’t let anyone tell me different, I will believe in myself.” I want people to have confidence in themselves. That is the message I want to convey with Bulletproof Queen, you are who you are, and that is an amazing thing!




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