Rock Trio Hosemen Speak Their Truth With “Hollow Man”

An uncommonly hypnotic rock trio, Hosemen finds inspiration everywhere from the streets of Rotterdam to their hometown of Stamford, Connecticut. Guitarist and frontman Anthony Quinn Carpanzano formed the band in 2005, changing the name from Mantyhose to Hosemen when bassist Brien Adams (2016) and drummer Michael Neidhardt joined in 2019. After more than a decade of dedication to songwriting and supporting the local music scene, Quinn and his Hosemen are finally ready to break out of the tristate area with their full length album “Saturday Nite Conformity”.

From the album “Saturday Nite Conformity”, “Hollow Man” is something of a classic anthem, the sort that brings people together for the unique perspective, the riffs and the accessible vocals. Everything is here that needs to be, those vocals feel familiar yet strong, gritty and fresh enough to appeal in a new way, the guitar work is somewhat humble yet perfectly effective, and the band’s shared passion for and unity within the performance lets “Hollow Man” stand all the more tall. The musicianship is there, the skill and the energy, but all too often the creative expression seems to mean a little less than you want it to. In this case, “Hollow Man” feels relatable yet unique, these words have never quite connected in such a way, and there’s a definite streak of recognisable freshness in that hook. Stay tuned, 2019 will be a big year for rock music and Hosemen. 

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