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RockiSoCrazi Features In Energy-Driven Song, "Shangri'La"

Tierney Victoria DeVine Dale, known artistically as RockiSoCrazi, knew she wanted to beat the odds at a young age. With a supportive and loving family, RockiSoCrazi was able to eventually find her love for music and songwriting, which first began with an exploration in poetry.

Integrating within the Hip/Hop music scene, RockiSoCrazi discovered her talents in creating rhymes, hooks, and snagging authentic attention as a result. Thus, RockiSoCrazi can now be found making a real statement for herself in the music world, with her recent statement being a music video feature.

RockiSoCrazi features in Lyndon Laveaux's single and music video, "Shangri'La." The video itself features a compilation of visuals that do a great job at displaying the pure ferocity and intensity the song carries. RockiSoCrazi can make sure listeners are stimulated with her vocal delivery by offering sensual, yet intensely calm vocal tones.

With the constant and persistent switching between visual sets, the attention from viewers could hardly dwindle. With RockiSoCrazy's presence, attention never dwindles. She's able to attract and garner such a fixation, which brings a ton of character to not only the music video but the song itself.

She came to deliver, perform, and ultimately offer music listeners/viewers a true experience. All in all, "Shangri'La" was quite a feature from RockiSoCrazi, making us realize we need to keep an eye on this emerging artist.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, RockiSoCrazi. How was your experience featuring on artist Lyndon Laveaux's single, "Shangri-La," as well as the songs accompanying music video?

My experience working with Lyndon on Shangra'la was great! When Lyndon told me the vision for the song and where it derived from, I was very excited. I loved that we were taking a step away from reality to a fantasy world.

Did you enjoy the overall collaboration on "Shangri-La?" Would you work with Lyndox Laveaux again for future music releases?

Lyndon's my bro, so of course, I enjoyed the collab. Things are always more fun when you share the vision from beginning to end with your fam. Whenever he hits me up like, "yo Rock, I got a beat. I want you to hop on" I'm like "say less - what's it about."

How were you hoping to contribute to the overall vibe and energy of "Shangri-La" by featuring in the song? What kind of response were you hoping to receive from listeners?

I was hoping to bring some female heat to the song. I wanted my verse to be strong, hit hard but still have a touch of feminine vulnerability and engagement. Although we were in a magical fantasy world, I still wanted to keep it grounded in some form of reality.

Do you see yourself releasing any music videos for your songs in the near future?

I just released my first single last month and followed up with the video on October 1st. I'm planning ten steps with this music thing, so I can for sure say there's more to come, and I couldn't be happier and more grateful with the journey I'm about to embark on.


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