Rollin Rosatti Creates a Soulful Serenity With “Mountain Climb”

From Memphis, Tennessee, Rollin Rosatti is a soul artist who draws from blues, roots rock, and gospel to concoct his own version of a soulful masterpiece. Rollin Rosatti is mostly known for his ability to bring a modern twist to the historic sounds of the southern delta. With his newest release “Mountain Climb,” he aimed to represent the feeling of his hometown – which has inspired his musical style. 

Rollin Rosatti’s single “Mountain Climb” is a laid back track that is a must add to your chill playlists. Any true music lovers will immediately fall in love because of his instrumental and vocal authenticity. Along with a finger-snapping beat, the acoustic guitar uses a playful plucking and strumming combination. Rollin Rosatti has a throaty voice like you have never heard before - he’ll send chills down your spine with his vocals alone. Lyrically, Rollin Rosatti sings about the “mountain climb” it took to find the right person for him. He then romances about the serene feelings he now has with his special someone as he looks back on his journey. “Mountain Climb” is relatable for anyone who has endured a long or difficult journey to find love. With just one listen of “Mountain Climb,” you will find yourself scrolling through Rollin Rosatti’s profile to search for more sounds like this.

Listen to "Mountain Climb" here.