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Rolling Cole And Infrared Joined Forces To Deliver "Livin' Like a Rockstar"

Everyone loves a good collaboration! When two artists comes together and fuses their sometimes complement and sometimes unassociated styles together the result could be extravagant. Rolling Cole musically clashed with Infrared in a badass and electrifying way, collectively releasing a hit “Living Like a Rockstar”. “Living like a rockstar” begins with a hit hook that people can sing along too and become eventually agitated with the fact that they can’t help but sing it at random times of the day. I like how the hook has this delinquent and chaotic lyricism to it. The first verse with the first rapper has some of the most intricate and dope metaphorical lyrics. “Cause this country boy stay turnt, this backwood stay burnt” I loved how careless it was, giving the rebellious spirit of the rapper straight into the listener. The second verse transitions in and his flow was impeccable. His ability to keep his breathe control intact while not missing a single beat was admirable and gave him a sense of respect as a lyricist and rapper in my opinion!

Jam out to "Livin' Like a Rockstar" on Spotify, and don't forget to catch the both RollingCole and Infrared's exclusive interview below!

Hey guys, care to introduce yourselves to our readers?

RollingCole: Hello Everybody, I’m RollingCole, also known as “Cole Buffer”. I am a 24-year-old full-time college student at the Art Institute of Atlanta. I am pursuing my bachelors degree in audio production. There aren’t really much to know about me all. The real thing to know is I’ll take my shirt off my back for you.  Infrared:I go by Infrared420. I call Kalamazoo, Michigan home and have been doing music for about seven years now but I've been a real music head my whole life. Raised on everything from old school rock to hip-hop and everything in between.

Rolling Cole what prompted you to want to collaborate with Infrared?

RollingCole:Truthfully I didn’t know who Infrared was until I started talking to Mitch Kutter about the 51/50 mixtape. Once I got the no the whole group and I started listening to Infrared’s music I knew how talented he was. I ended up adding his Song wolf on my playlist on Spotify. 

Infrared - what made you agree to the collaboration!?

Infrared:Mitch asked if Cole and I would be willing to do a bonus track for the mixtape. Cole brought up the idea about doing a track based on living like rock stars, and they say write what you live about right? So it just came natural, Cole sent the hook and his verse, then I channeled my inner Ozzy Osbourne, wrote some lyrics down, hit the mic, and boom Livin' Like a Rockstar was born.

What is the most challenging aspect of collaborating on a rap record?

RollingCole: Well you really are hoping that the song comes out with the same vibe as you and that other artist is that you're collaborating with. You want the song to be is as vibeing to the audience as it is to the artist’s making it. So I always make sure when I’m collaborating with the artist it’s somebody that I can hear myself being a part of on a song with he or she was  on it as well. Infrared: One of the most challenging things for me when it comes to collabs is making sure everyone is on the same wave, we all like the beat, we all like the theme (if there is one) to the song. If we can't click on any of that then it's going to hurt the track, but this one went smooth, and I'm stoked to keep working with Mitch and Cole in the future.

If you guys were to add ONE more artist to this song who would you add and why?

RollingCole: To be honest I would want to hear kid rock on this song. Or mixing it up a little bit and get some lil John on here with a couple “Yeahhhhhssssss”! Infrared: If I could add another artist to this track I'd have to go with Corey Taylor from Slipknot, the dude can sing his ass off, he can do the brutal stuff and he can rap. Plus I think it's safe to say he knows how to live like a rockstar.


Keep up to date with RollingCole on his Instagram, as well as Infrared on his.


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