Rolling Stone's "Next Young Gun" Marcus Machado Vitalizes Listeners With "Dig"

Guitarist Marcus Machado manifests such a pure and refined sounding with his curative abilities. That raw styling is so incredibly present within his final tracks, and we're obsessed with the feeling and general mood his production imparts on us as listeners. Marcus' preferred sounding doesn't stop with one genre, which we're extremely thankful for. Marcus Machado ensures that a variety of genres are approached within his final sound so that listeners are able to receive a multitude of sensations. What Marcus Machado does as an instrumental artist can be a tough game, but he approaches the execution with a clear idea of how he wants his listeners to feel. Spoiler: he executes quite well. Marcus Machado has such an intricate ear when it comes to instrumentals. He creates atmospheres that are uniquely refined and that fit so well into any imaginable story.

He recently released "Dig", a production that is clearly synthesized with good taste. The instrumental track features heavy guitar elements, combined with an addictingly mellow drumming appearance. You can hear other eclectic elements in the mix, and it makes you come to appreciate the refined styling Marcus Machado has. We found "Dig" to be one of those instrumental songs that's so easy to get along and connect with. Marcus Machado has, without a doubt, established an authentic sound with his instrumental collection. Hopefully, 2020 follows suit so we can see more of the soundings that are Marcus Machado! Discover "Dig" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Marcus Machado! Tell us how did you begin to be fascinated with music and when did you realize you wanted to pursue music as a career?

Thank you BuzzMusic, I've always heard music very young when my parents would play records around the house but at the age of 9 years old after performing my first professional show that's when I realized I wanted to pursue music as a career.

You are a very talented musician! Can you tell us how you began playing guitar - are you self taught or classically trained?

Thank you. I picked up the Guitar round 2 years old and been playing ever since. I would pretty much listen to records and figure out what they were playing, I'm self-taught.

Tell us about your new song "Dig" the song itself has a very groovy vibe. Can you tell us what inspired you to write "Dig"? The song "Dig" came about from my guitar endorsers "D'Angelico. They asked me to do a video about the Guitar I'm using which is called The Deluxe Bedford but at same time I was in the studio working on my album and wanted to create an instrumental guitar type of song that had a Lil bit of different genre's mixed together and that's when I got the idea for "Dig".

What would you like your new fans to know about your music?

I would like them to know that my music is a vibe and whatever type of music whether it is hip hop, jazz, soul, funk or rock. There is something in there for everyone to check out.  My 2020 album "Blue Diamonds" is also the soundtrack for the short film of the same name and takes you on a musical journey.

2019 has been an amazing year for you Marcus! What has been your favorite music moment of the year? We look forward to hearing from you in 2020!

Thank You, They're has been a lot of moments this year but it is hard to think of just one-off top of my head but this pass summer being on tour with Jose James playing at North Sea Jazz Festival in Europe with a 75 piece orchestra in front of 20,000 people, that was a moment indeed. Scoring the music for the critically acclaimed Hip Hop Documentary "Contact High" as well as working with Robert Glasper on the score for the HBO documentary on the "Apollo" and the upcoming "Mr.Soul"  documentary. Thanks again BuzzMusic!