Romance With a Familiar Sound in “Kiss Kiss” by Weston & the Evergreen

Some artists and bands have trouble getting their fans up and moving at concerts or parties, but not this band. Coming from Abilene, Texas is Weston & the Evergreen. Formally performing as a solo artist, Weston lost his musical drive creating by himself but was quickly brought back into the game by his good friends who eventually became his bandmates (Ryker, Duncan, and Hunter). Honing in on their pop/rock sound, the band has now been able to release their new music from their dorm rooms, as well as studios. There latest single, “Kiss Kiss”, absolutely has the aspects of their eccentric sound, however, it has some elements of romance, to let their fans know they are capable of making any mood of music.

“Kiss Kiss” begins with a guitar that sounds like it could have been in an 80s R&B love song. A very interesting way to begin a rock-pop song, but in this case, it works out well. Right after that guitar, we are greeted with a soothing xylophone, that transitions into the first verse. In “Kiss Kiss”, the drums keep a very steady pattern, almost like a heartbeat, while the other qualities of the song are presenting delightful melodies. Additionally, I like how in “Kiss Kiss” Weston & the Evergreen used an acoustic drum kit instead of processed drums. I believe it gives the song an authentic “rock” feels. However, I also like how the band isn’t afraid to use synths and electronic instruments as well. As for the vocal performance, I think Weston & the Evergreen present their melodies in a very pleasant way. Their voices aren’t 100% rock but aren’t 100% pop, but they have a perfect balance of the two. Conclusively, I believe “Kiss Kiss” has all the right musical elements for it to be a hit.

Listen to "Kiss Kiss" by Weston & the Evergreen here.

Hey Weston & the Evergreen! Welcome to BuzzMusic, we are more than happy to be representing you and your latest single “Kiss Kiss”. Congratulations on 27k streams on this song! That is very impressive. When coming up with “Kiss Kiss” (or other songs in general), do you guys split up who is going to create what or does It change a lot?

Hey BuzzMusic, we’re having fun with how well ‘Kiss Kiss’ is trending! This song has been a great handshake into our debut album ‘22 Years Young.’ With creating music, we naturally gave ourselves roles: Weston (Vocals/Keys) presents ideas and lyrics to the group, Duncan (Guitar) was quick to add more, Ryker (Drums) fine-tuned/polished songs, and Hunter loved being devil’s advocate to make sure the music we created was not too absurd or fake of who we are as a band.

Going to school and trying to manage a music career is always a challenge. Because you guys all go to school, are any of you guys taking the same subject, or help out each other with extra work or assignments?

Yeah, we all had one crazy semester with school, jobs, and recording the album in the dorm rooms; we would rarely see each other in class because no one shared the same degree plan. Looking back, attending the same university introduced us to each other, but just being close friends who wanted to make music together tied the knot. Most of us are now finishing our time in college, but it has not separated us one bit! In fact, Weston invited the group to be groomsmen in his future wedding.

Being a band in a world where single artist rules the top of the charts must be hard, but you guys must be doing something right with all of your streams and likes on Spotify. What is one way that you guys separate from the rest of the world musically and how has it been working for you guys?

We all share humble beginnings through worship ministry. Over time we understood that what we have going for us as a band has been given by God. We get to grow not only musically with each other, but spiritually. Plus, we felt no obligation to make worship music; We wanted to jam out covering our favorite artists! In the end, Weston & the Evergreen are simply four dudes who make music, have too much fun, and also happen to be Christian. I believe this persona is infectious to anyone with any lifestyle, and it’s been working so far!

Do you guys have any plans to perform live this year, or have any aspirations to create a new album?

Heck yeah! We recently put on our debut album show; it brought a ton of our close friends and fans to come party with us! We would like to perform more live this year and hopefully be asked to open for larger bands in Texas venues. ‘Kiss Kiss’ and the album are too young to stop promoting. We will continue to expose ourselves as a new, upcoming alternative pop/rock band.

Tell us, what is next for Weston & the Evergreen?

Because of the craziness COVID-19 brings, there’s not much any musician can do. However, we hope to make a music video for ‘Kiss Kiss.’ It’s been in the back of our minds for a while and now we have some free time to film! Who knows, maybe BuzzMusic will be the first to premier it!