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Romel Is Back Like He Never Left On His New Release “Slippin”

Dropping good vibes and better tunes, the New York artist hasn’t missed a step.

With influences from musical legends like Michael Jackson, Usher, Musiq Soulchild, and Chris Brown, Romel nurtured the seeds of his signature soulful and R&B-inspired sound from an early age.

With an ear for intimate melodies that tug at listeners’ hearts, the New York native put himself on the map with his ability to capture the hearts of his listeners. He paints vivid and enchanting stories of romance and heartbreak with thoughtful lyricism, and having taken a two-year hiatus after the release of his acclaimed single “Jordyn Woods,” his new release “Slippin” shows that this rising star hasn’t missed a step.

Born Romel Mencia, the New York-based artist, first started making music in high school, uploading his releases to the popular music-sharing platform SoundCloud. Having taken a break to pursue film acting in college, Romel’s love for music proved too great to stay away.

He would release his debut EP, “2 AM Thoughts: On The Local A,” to great acclaim, flashing immense potential and a rare ability to captivate listeners and convey emotion. With the release of “Jordyn Woods” and its captivating music video in 2020, Romel solidified his reputation as a rising star.

The journey to Romel’s latest release, “Slippin,” began in 2019, with the artist painstakingly making numerous adjustments and tweaks to create an outstanding final product. With pop-inspired production featuring bongos and 808s that set the stage for Romel’s captivating vocals, “Slippin” sweeps you up and transports you to Romel’s world.

Dropping lyrics like “You couldn’t pick a perfect time to come in my life and stop me” and “We can go hit up the spots you like / Won’t even turn on my phone tonight,” Romel delivers the kind of charming performance we’ve come to expect from him, showing that he simply gets better with each new release.

Romel’s musical evolution is excitingly apparent as he fearlessly explores new territories and showcases his versatile abilities as an all-around artist. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream his exciting return single, “Slippin,” available now on all major streaming platforms. Check out the charming accompanying music video as well, available on YouTube.

Romel’s on a mission to touch the hearts and souls of his listeners with his intimate, soul-baring music, something he’s continued to do with “Jordyn Woods.” Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “Jordyn Woods,” available on all major streaming platforms, and also check out the charming music video as well, available on YouTube.


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