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Rooftop Heroes Express Their Gratitude in an Uplifting Single, "Brother"

Coming in from Switzerland, the alternative-pop group Rooftop Heroes release an endearing and appreciative single with their latest release entitled "Brother."

From composing modern pop tunes on the rooftop in the summer's heat to forming their alt-pop band, Rooftop Heroes have since released their debut single, "Emotions," in 2020 and saw thousands of streams on various platforms. Now ready to conquer not only Switzerland but the world, it's without a doubt that Rooftop Heroes will soon do so.

Now gearing up to release their sophomore studio album later this year, Rooftop Heroes introduces us to the project through its second released single, "Brother." While the song touches on the brotherly relationship between Mike and Dani of Rooftop Heroes, the song also expands on their deeply emotional and life-long connection.

Produced by award-winning producer Kiko Masbaum, "Brother" begins with warm electronic keys and lead singer Mike's breathy and bright vocals. While the sonics start to expand with the ticking of a clock, the beat drops into this powerful and exhilarating sonic atmosphere through the band's smashing drum breaks, plucky basslines, and lush acoustic guitar melodies.

Expanding on Mike's lyricism, he pays tribute to his near and dear brother while leaving us with appreciative words like "I wish I could find some better lines to tell you that you're my hero, see, everyone's adoring you, even though you don't believe me, it's true." We can't help but hear upbeat and energetic similarities to bands like Imagine Dragons and The Script, as Rooftop Heroes lead us towards the song's end with boundless life, passion, and enthusiasm.

Get to know the Swiss alt-pop quartet Rooftop Heroes with help from their latest single, "Brother," and don't miss the band's forthcoming sophomore album later this year.

We genuinely admire the appreciative and endearing theme you've delivered within your latest single, "Brother," thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Rooftop Heros. What inspired your group to write such an uplifting tribute to a sibling?

I have had the idea to write an anthem for my brother Daniel, who's also in the band, just to thank him for spending his whole life with me. And to say "thank you" for these moments, when I really was in serious trouble and he was there supporting me unconditionally. So this should be an anthem for all brothers and best friends! It's very important to say "thank you", especially these days.

Could you break down the members within your group and how you created the passionate single, "Brother?" What does your band's creative process usually look like?

There are the following band members:

Mike, lead singer & guitarist

Daniel, bassist & back vocals

Simon, lead guitarist & back vocals

Samuel, drummer & back vocals

Usually, we plan writing sessions with the whole band (and sometimes with the producer as well). Everybody in the band brings his ideas with him and then we discuss several ideas first. In most cases, there are melodies and just general topics first. Mostly, there are about 15-20 different ideas and we then discuss which one's the best. As soon as we have chosen one, we start with the hook line. This usually takes a lot of time then until we are happy with it. With "Brother", there was this line "you're my brother and we back one another" and some parts of the melody, but not the hook line itself. Together with Kiko, our producer, we then sang the line until we had this one signature melody. Creating the rest of the song went quite fast afterward, as everyone had his instrumentals to do and Kiko chose out of a bunch of tracks, which ones work together.

Who wrote the lyricism for "Brother?" Was it an easy process to place your thoughts and feelings towards your brother onto paper?

This was my part. I am usually writing the lyrics for a song together with my songwriting mate Lilly Martin. It was really hard this time due to the fact, that it is a very personal and emotional topic and I really wanted to use the right words in every single line. I mean, it's for my brother, who at the same time is one of my best friends.

Could you give our readers any hints or news regarding your forthcoming sophomore album? How does "Brother" fit into the overall project and its concept?

We really want to come up with some topics, which are very emotional and personal for us. So "Brother" is the first hit on it and will be followed by several singles before the album. The upcoming album will be completely produced by Kiko Masbaum. As well as it will be the first album with our new guitarist Simon. So it will sound different from the first one, with incredibly cool guitar riffs and more modern sounds in general.



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