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ROS Turns Up the Vibes With His Latest Release, "Too Late (feat. Aura Jade)"

From Barbados to New York and Virginia, the DJ, producer, and songwriter ROS teams up with singer-songwriter Aura Jade for their latest collaboration, "Too Late (feat. Aura Jade)."

After graduating high school, ROS became a well-known DJ around the east coast hip-hop scene. Best known for his acclaimed nightclub and festival performances, ROS also garnered incredible attention through collaborations with Beyonce, Christina Milian, The Carters, Mr. Collipark, and Cutty Ranks.

Diving into his latest release, "Too Late (feat. Aura Jade)," we hear a divine and sultry r&b/pop atmosphere that soothes our souls from the jump. While Aura Jade delivers a glimmering performance, she's perfectly complemented by ROS's tender, rhythmic, and melodic production.

As "Too Late (feat. Aura Jade)" opens, ROS takes his time to deliver the utmost serene and sensual production through angelic vocal harmonies and incredibly melodic keys. As the driving bassline begins pushing its atmosphere, Aura Jade starts singing her passionate and empowering message of leaving someone in the past, as it's far too late to return.

We're feeling heavy grooves from this song's sonic atmosphere as ROS drenches the track is nothing but heat and passion. While Aura Jade continues singing of moving on for the better, we can't help but chant the inspiring lyricism alongside her vibrant performance. Reaching the end, ROS and finishes off with the dreaded dial tone, emphasizing the disconnect.

Get your groove on with ROS's latest single, "Too Late (feat. Aura Jade)," and allow your ears to float along with Aura Jade's shimmering vocals and ROS's tender production.

Can you start by telling us what brought you to the stylings of Aura Jade for your collaboration on "Too Late (feat. Aura Jade)?" What was your collaborative experience like?

Funny story: we actually met on IG during a spirited debate about police Neither party knew the other were recording artists at the time. It felt like the universe wanted us to collide that way. Once we figured out who the other was, I promised I'd circle back to them once I had the right song to collaborate on. That song was "Too Late", which turned out to be the second single I've released with them (the 1st, "Let It Snow", was released in December). It has been a crazy, wonderful unique experience from start to finish.

When did you begin creating the sonics and production for "Too Late (feat. Aura Jade)?" What vibe and atmosphere were you initially going for?

"Too Late" is actually the first song written for the album when we began sessions in June 2020. I didn't have a plan going in and just wanted to vibe with the writers to see where we landed. The song was written by the upcoming Atlanta-based songwriting duo, The Key. They killed it!

Could you tell us more about your philanthropic endeavors? What inspired you to create the DJs Against Hunger Foundation?

Absolutely! I've always tried to have a community-minded component to my life & career. In my teens, I worked as a counselor in a transitional living center. It completely altered my view on homelessness & food insecurity. Once my national profile grew as a DJ, I wanted to find a way to incorporate my philanthropic endeavors with the overall DJ culture. Hence, the birth of #DJsAgainstHunger, our nationwide initiative to combat food insecurity in 2014.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

I simply love it! I am a writer and creative by nature, so having an outlet like original music to explore in this era of "direct to consumer" distribution feels like the start of a new chapter in my career. I now plan to release original records for the rest of my career as DJ.



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