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Rosco Johnny Sways Us Into, "Lullabye"

From the dusty and sweaty juke joints of the South to the brawling south Texas bar rooms, to the Cathedral dwellings sometimes just down the road from these establishments, Rosco Johnny incorporates all of the sounds from these places in their music.

They are a new trio bringing you music in a new way, yet keeping the important history of where their sound has come from. Rosco Johnny brings you Texas Folk with a Shot of Country by way of their powerful, interweaving harmonies and infectious stage presence. With the release of their debut EP 'In Trio 2' Rosco Johnny emerged in an era that better represents the sounds they embody. Fixating ourselves upon the second song featured on this three-track project we get to bask in the delicate sounds of “Lullabye.” Immersing us in a banjo progression that is rich in character, the elusive atmosphere that mightily takes over our headspace is the most pleasant as it amalgamates to a vigorous heaping of musical bliss.

Out of the three members, a conveyance of various vocal ranges strikes us with a chilling sensation as they demonstrate the angelic harmonies in a way that seamlessly fuses together. The propelling timbres of Tiffany take on an almost ethereal essence as she commences “Lullabye,” with the grippingly raw portrayal of the carefully crafted lyrics at hand. Later accompanied by the pacifying baritone vocal of Justin, and the dynamic tenor of Morgan, it is greatly apparent that strength in numbers applies to the entire quintessence of Rosco Johnny.

Allowing us to float in the atmospheric melodies that gently pull us into their force field, we feel a blanket of security surface as we fall deeper into “Lullabye” and all of its brilliant splendor depicted.

Hello Rosco Johnny, welcome to BuzzMuisc, and congratulations on the release of “Lullabye.” Being the follow-up project to “In Trio,” what was the overall concept behind this succession?

Thank you, we’re excited to talk to you, too! The idea for the “In Trio” series was for us to re-introduce ourselves as a band with a new name. We began as “Justin Philip Brooks”, but as we began writing new music and working with our producer, Billy Smiley, it became clear that we were in a new era. So we decided on three EPs, three songs each.

What was your inspiration behind “Lullabye?" In your own words, what does it mean to you?

Justin, here. Years ago, when putting my son to bed each night, he had frequent "visitors" to the imagination that kept him from being able to soundly sleep. One by one we put these worries to rest...the shadows on the wall, the scratching of the branch on the window pane...and thus, the story of the Lullabye was born. There are times in our lives when things seem worse than they actually are. Sometimes what it takes is to turn on the light and find out that everything is ok.

With “Lullabye” being so delicate in its sound, did you find it more challenging or easier to create?

Inspiration comes from all different kinds of places. Sometimes it requires action, sitting down, and doing the work of trying to craft a song. Other times, it’s an other-worldly thing and you can’t explain why or how an idea comes. This was one of those times where writing the song all happened pretty quickly. I was thinking about the night before when I was comforting my son, and as I was putting on my boots, the "in the dark, in the deep dark of the wood" melody and lyric just popped in my head and the story started to form.

What is your mission statement as a collective?

We are about creating and experiencing the world through music as a family; sharing our stories that hopefully resonate with others as well. We strive for a constant awareness that when we say we are a “family band', we don't mean only us three. Many in our family have worked hard and made sacrifices for RoscoJohnny to become a reality, and that includes our team of friends that have helped us immeasurably along the way. It takes a village and as we go out and share what we have all worked so hard for, we hope it makes everyone proud.



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