Rose Jones Creates An Alluring Atmosphere on Latest Release "Lush"

Having performed throughout Toronto's most iconic underground show-venues found in the various corners of the water-front Canadian metropolis, Rose Jones, draws reputation from her comprehensive blend of artist-centered cornerstones she borrows from Pop and Indie-Rock.

This year, the Torontonian has been focusing her free time away from the studio to evolve her artistic self-identity and inspire a new authentic sense of musical direction with each new technique she discovers or lyric that sticks. 

With COVID bringing about the most extended period of down-time many of us have ever seen, it's hard to believe an artist would find inspiration to release new music, but Rose Jones finds strength in releasing creative inspiration for others to keep the dream alive, like her most recent captivating Indie-Pop track, "Lush."

It's an experience that opens over the muted and enigmatic sounds of an electric guitar before the filter knob sweeps back down to base-line, revealing the dynamic expressiveness behind the Canadian's warm saturated vocal tonality. 

"Lush's" production features a mid-tempo drive supported by a clean and thudding drumset, with the attached familiar companion of a drenched-with-vibe bass guitar. For the chorus, Jones channels her hours of diligent studying over what makes a song cohesive and flowing, and comes out rocking with effortlessly affecting the intensity and a melody that sets on a natural after-glow. But the moments right before the hooking sections are what make "Lush" so unique.

Here, Rose brushes you in a way that makes you want to turn the volume up just to feel like your standing in the room next to the buzzing songstress