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Roseview Debuts An Emotionally Captivating Video To Their Reimagined Single “December”

Whether they’re searching for a new healing or meaning, Roseview from Portland, ME is a firm believer in shifting our perceptions in order to find it. Calamity can become the catalyst for something within the greater good when observed through a different lens. For Roseview, “battling difficult things in our lives – whether it’s feeling alone, dealing with anxiety or depression, or losing family and friends,” is what fuels their passion for music. Although experiences like loss and alienation are painful, Roseview manages to help us recognize them as valuable.

Roseview premiered the most enticing story delivered through passionate strumming and vocally emotional conviction. The story they call “December” is what had us on edge throughout the entire journey. Roseview has such a comforting vibe and authentic prepossessing energy in their reimagined version of their single “December”. We felt like we were a part of the video alongside the main character.

Now speaking of the main character, if you watched this sentimental video, you will find a girl dancing and retelling the story of the vocalist through movement. This was highly eye-captivating and created a moment of vulnerability for us. If you tune in with the lyrics of the song, Roseview gives a poetically inversive lyrical projection many people may relate to. The arrangement of the songwriting was cultivating enough for us to close our eyes and follow along with the story.

As contextual as it is, people can create their own meaning of what they believe “December” to be about about. However, for us, we received the message of hope. Roseview offered us the most compelling melody with honest lyricism and an unguarded presence and we loved every bit of it.

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