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Rosh Grove Premieres His Newest Hit, “FOR A LIL”

A leader, believer, and achiever, Rosh Grove consists of many positive attributes and words to describe this individual. Driven by his relentless amount of passion, he has constantly proved to himself to be a true professional, elite, and multi-talented artist.

By the age of 16, Rosh Grove began his career as a rapper by often reworking popular songs to add a unique touch on it. Over time, he developed a passion for songwriting, singing, and continued to hone in on his skills as an artist through self-training and instruments including piano and guitar. Rosh has worked hard to develop a unique style that synchronously emits fun, uplifting vibes of positivity whilst also evoking powerful emotion through dynamic sounds and lyrics.

Even though he’s primarily a hip-hop and R&B artist, he’s also influenced by multiple genres including Rock, Pop, and Electronica. This has been displayed in the premiere of his new single titled “FOR A LIL”.

The hip-hop and pop elements are showcased within the arrangement of the production. A delicate symphony is floating across a trendy bass rhythmic notion. The beat transitions into the electronic afro-beat that adds a Caribbean flare to the record. Rosh Grove has this smooth-sailing vocal texture that emphasized the genre of R&B. with a lot of soul, he projects his voice from multiple registers, showcasing a belting range of melodies like some of your favorite pop vocalists! “FOR A LIL” is undeniably presentable to the young crowd due to how charismatic and fun the energy of the song is. However, the romantic lyricism and classic vocals are still able to be translated across a wide audience of ages. This makes Rosh Grove an easily marketable artist for the mainstream crowd.

Not only was “FOR A LIL” a vibe song, but it was a vibrant tune in which we can grab a groove too. Rosh has worked hard to develop a unique style that synchronously emits fun, uplifting vibes of positivity whilst also evoking powerful emotion through dynamic sounds and lyrics. “FOR A LIL” represents this brand in the most complimentary way possible. Rosh’s music inspires its listeners by utilizing themes of self-reflection, love, perseverance and hope. Through his drive, passion and overall jolly demeanor, there is no doubt that Rosh will be a commanding presence in all aspects of the music industry.

Listen to “FOR A LIL” here and get to know more about Rosh Grove in our interview below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Rosh Grove! Where are you from? How has your growing environment impacted your music?

Thank you so much, very excited to be here! I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, more specifically Scarborough.  Often times, people tend to feel a way about my town because it’s been under a negative light for due to how it’s represented in the media, but I always have nothing but positive stories about my hood.

Coming up, I was exposed to a mix of positive and negative influences.  I grew up around gangs and had friends that got caught in the life of drugs and violence, but I was lucky enough to not fall into it.  As a kid, my mother instilled values that taught me to aspire for more in life.  I learned to strive to be better than what is dictated for people who grow up in low income families or single parent households.  Having gone through what I have in life definitely has a strong influence on the music I make, which is driven authentic emotion.

Who are some of your main influences for your sound?

A: I am a fan of all genres, so my influences are a bit of a mash up.  I really admire artists like Ne-Yo, Drake, Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Jay Z, The Weeknd, Marina, Chris Brown, City And Colour, Khalid, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Logic, and that’s just to name a few.  I love music that tells a story, but also has a dope vibe.  Most of the artists I named are masters of the craft, and they have rubbed off on me the right way.

Let’s talk about the premiere of your newest single, “FOR A LIL”. what was the idea and vision behind this record?

Ahh man, it’s crazy to think about how this song came together.  I was writing one day and reflecting on relationships, on how they begin specifically.  Often times, they start with two people getting to know each other through dating and what not.  Then sometimes, one party might pull back out of fear or another reason.  I found I would be the one saying, “if you just stayed for a little, I know you’d see this can be something special,” and that’s when the song hit me.  It’s something we all go through when searching for love, but don’t always know how to express.  When I brought it to KYNGS, we collaborated on giving it a fun, island kind of vibe because it’s coming from an optimistic perspective.  Working with them and Bryan “BC” Cockett elevated the song to a level that exceed my original expectation.

In what ways does “FOR A LIL” represent you as an artist?

In every way it is interpreted.  I’m a person driven by emotion who enjoys delivering it in a creative way that surprises.  I love to sing, I’m Jamaican, and I’m a songwriter first, so that was incorporated into the composition of the song.  I also have a small passion for dance, so I worked closely with KYNGS to give the tune a summer vibe.However, it is still only one of me, as there are many layers to Rosh Grove that have yet to be revealed.  Definitely worth sticking around for, as FOR A LIL is just the beginning of something amazing!

What’s the legacy you hope to leave behind you?

The reason I started making music was because I was passionate about it with my whole heart.  Being able to express myself through sound gave me a strong sense of purpose, and I’m thankful to God for blessing me with the gift of writing/creating.  I hope to leave behind a legacy of inspiration.  To be that artist who gets people through tough/wonderful times by creating an image that shows it’s okay to feel.  I want to have fans who still bump my music 20 years from now, and to be iconic for keeping it authentic.


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