Rosie Darling Prepares For a "Fucked Up Summer"

From Boston to Los Angeles, pop recording artist and singer-songwriter Rosie Darling drop an anthemic breakup tune with her newest release, "Fucked Up Summer."

The LA-based artist is the kind of pop anomaly that follows her artistic impulses until she reaches new heights. With her debut single, "Coping," Darling garnered 30+ million combined streams, charted on 14 different Spotify Viral 50 charts, and landed in the top 20 of the Global Viral Chart.

We expect the same success with Rosie Darling's latest single, "Fucked Up Summer." The song is said to be a jam to help listeners get over the person they thought they'd be enjoying summer with. It was co-written by Justin Gammella (FINNEAS, Ashe) and mixed by Michael Brauer (John Mayer, Coldplay).

Jumping into "Fucked Up Summer," the experience begins with airy background pads and vocals that slowly make their way into the verse. As Darling's gentle vocals begin singing of her restless nature and emotional state, the instrumentals expand into the bright and cathartic hook.

We love how Darling puts a vibrant pop emphasis on her personal lyrics of loneliness and the journey to independence; she makes this breakup anthem incredibly easy to listen to.

The blend of electronic pop drums and synths paired with the rich alternative rock instrumentals brings a sensation of relief, letting listeners breathe in the new air around them. As we head to the outro, Darling takes us around the melodic and anthemic hook one last time to end the track with a little hope that summer won't be too fucked up without that special someone.

Find relief and clarity in Rosie Darling's relatable new single, "Fucked Up Summer," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Rosie Darling. We appreciate your new single's relatable, emotional, yet energetic nature, "Fucked Up Summer." When did you feel inspired to take your emotions and put them toward a song?

I love this song because I originally wanted to write it for Halsey, and I am now releasing it! I wrote this a few years ago, and it has always been a song that I've wanted to release, so after a few years of waiting, I am extremely excited it's coming out! I feel like it's a summer anthem, and I just wanted to make something memorable. I am sure anyone going through a breakup this summer will relate, so I hope it reaches them!

What was the most difficult personal challenge you faced when creating "Fucked Up Summer?" Did you run into any emotional obstacles?

I think finding the balance between the lyrics in the verse and the chorus, mainly because I wanted to keep it in that world of being super specific in the verses while also making sure the chorus was easy to remember and catchy! I wrote this song quickly, so I didn't have too many emotional obstacles. I think it was the opposite; everything came together very easily when writing this song.

What is your goal with "Fucked Up Summer?" What do you want the listener to experience and feel?

Nostalgia! I feel like most people can relate to some sort of summer romance, and I really love when all of the vocals come in at the end for a moment where the song is just breathing for a minute without too many lyrics. I hope people hear it and want to sing along, especially in the chorus!

What's next for you?

Right now, I am focusing on writing more songs! I will be releasing an EP this summer and then hoping to tour! I am so excited for everyone to hear what I have been working on!!