Ross Victory Details Lyricism And Glassy Vocals in with “Two Keys To Moonlight”

Two Keys To Moonlight” is Ross Victory’s latest single release. “Two Keys To Moonlight” is an entire vibe. Beginning with production, the beat has a trap R&B aesthetic complete with a thumping bass to compliment the sensual and smooth-sailing elements that make this a great R&B hit. “Two Keys To Moonlight” is a contemporary “baby-making” bop that is perfect for the upcoming Valentine season. Back in the ’90s and early 00s, R&B was sleek, lightly erotic, and playful. There are certain R&B hits from the past that continue to be timeless. “Two Keys To Moonlight” has this same effect, which makes this song a future ageless hit! The arrangement is accompanied by Ross Victory’s intriguing vocals that are as sincere as it is smoky. He serenades the listener with each vocal dynamic and layers of emotion that serve to connect listeners with songs.

A special characteristic of Ross Victory is the fact that he ties together both his love for literature and his love for music. As an author and artist, he’s able to create abstract concepts and paint vivid images for the listener with his detailed lyricism.  “Two Keys To Moonlight” was an outstanding hit released at the perfect season.

Listen to “Two Keys To Moonlight” by Ross Victory here.