Rothstein Brings The Heat With New York’s Finest, Papoose, On Their Single Titled “50% Human”

Las Vegas producer Stanley Harris, better known as Rothstein Beatz has already achieved more than he thought possible in his wildest dreams.

Known as one of the hottest producers on Clubhouse, his highly requested beats dominate the musical streets. As a creator, whichever project Rothstein works on, he brings innovation and a fresh perspective that drives most projects to success. This drive has opened the door for Rothstein to work with Papoose and PHresher, a few of the legends. He is currently working with artists like Naomi, Megan B, Bran Tha Brain, and more.

Papoose, doing what he does best, shining over the epic sounds of Rothstein Beatz on their record together called "50% Human." Speaking on his inhuman abilities to craft the craziest verses, Papoose words his experiences cleverly and entertainingly. In addition, Papoose does a solid job keeping the record's vibe as close to the production as possible for the overall sound and finishing touches. This record is a statement of his work ethic and consistency in his music, letting everyone know that he's the most gifted and proving it.

Meshing their two unique and authentic styles together on "50% Human," Papoose and Rothstein Beatz have outdone themselves with this record. They continue to raise the bar with their standard of art and drive toward their dreams in the slickest, rhythmic and lyrical structures to keep you glued from beginning to end.

Papoose indeed proved to us on this banger that he is only "50% Human."

Welcome to BuzzMusic Rothstein Beatz. "50% Human" is incredible, from the production to the ill verses. What was your favorite part about the creative process and the final product? Thank you, I appreciate the love. My favorite part about the creative process is creating a landscape for an artist to be creative and having dope production and dope lyrics makes a dope record.

Papoose is a musical legend. How did you get a placement on his catalog, and how did you build this relationship with him? Salute to Papoose, I am a big Papoose fan and it was super dope to have 2 songs with him. I have to give big thanks to my guy Jay Swiftz who is also a producer has known Papoose since he was a teenager and told me he was working on a project, so I submitted a beat pack, and a couple of weeks later, I got a call he wanted to use my beats, and the rest is history.

The production of "50% Human" is inhumane in the best way; let us in on your creative secrets and what you do to stay on top of your game? I have to say I study the great producers who came before me and then put my twist on it. I feel like the best secret is if you don’t feel it in your spirit keep cooking.

Having worked with many legends, what was the best piece of advice you've received while rubbing shoulders with the greats?

Come in with no ego and stay humble because they have done what you are trying to do so come to listen and learn. I like to be a sponge and I’ve learned so much that help me in my career just by being in the room.

What's next for you?

What’s next for me is I am currently working with my artist on my label Casino Gang Records: Bran Tha Brain, Megan B, and Naomi J. As well as working on another record with Papoose and other well-known artists coming later this year.