Roxanne Makes Our Hips Sway on Latest Release "Move Yuh Body"

Roxanne is the Canadian songstress making a name for herself in the Contemporary world and Pop amalgamating corner-posts of the Music Industry.

Spinning together touchstones from genres diffusing the lines between Soul, Blues, Soca, and Afro, the Ottowa-based chanteuse has seen the release of two well-accepted singles thus far, and her captivating artistic presentiments are blessing us once more this month. 

With a soulful Tropicana vibe that paints this Tropi-Pop canvas, a blithe shade, "Move Yuh Body," summons nostalgic vibes that channel Disco nodding synths and a 'four to the floor' soca backbeat that makes us want to dance. It's an adventure that finds our singer scintillating between heavy-slapping hand-drums that adorn this club sized mix its world-music aesthetic. The most encouraging part of the track transverses the lines through monotonous and lands skillfully as infatuating diverse; and she wins us over with her hook's melody when she sings, "let your body lose control and shake it some more!" 

Roxanne buzzes over her words with a sassy twinge, and as we dance along, she conducts us with her lyrics effortlessly: "get that body pumping, get your feet jumping, get that booty popping." It transports us into an intoxicating state where we're captivated by her spectacle as the expanses of "Move Yuh Body," chug and pump the blood back into our bosoms. The experience renders like a savory testament to the impact we can expect on Roxanne's World-sized Pop music productions.

Hello Roxanne, it's great to have you back with us at BuzzMusic. What has been the most fulfilling thing about becoming your own artist, independent from the Music ensembles you've been a part of in the past?

The most fulfilling facet as an independent solo artist is having the freedom to be as creative as I want by having the latitude to put out whatever needs to be expressed within me without being limited to a specific music genre defined by whichever Music ensemble I’m working with.

How do you bring together all the cornerstones of your far-reaching Music genre influences in such a cohesive and blood pumping manner on "Move Yuh Body"?

I love to dance. I love listening to various music genres and have extensive experience as a singer-songwriter, performer, and recording artist in multiple music genres, I've honed in on musical elements and influences I like in dance, electronica, pop, and afrobeat music genres, and fusing those together in "Move Yuh Body", with the intention to create a space for listeners to have ultimate dance experience.

What will your approach be to keep your upcoming debut album, "Love Rebel," adhesive in the way it flows and blends from one song to the next?

The songs of “Love Rebel” were written in the same time period; therefore were inspired by a unified sound. The songs featured on the "Love Rebel" album will appear in a chronological sequence unraveling an entire love journey, which will be adhesive from a lyrical and conceptual standpoint, but also adhesive from a sonic perspective as in each love journey, there is an emotional mixture of highs represented by upbeat songs and lows represented by songs with a chill vibe, ultimately creating an authentic flow that is "Love Rebel".

Can we expect to see you collaborating with any exciting artists, producers, or visual artists, and are there any plans for a Video feature?

I'm always looking to collaborate with multidisciplinary artists, and yes, I'm planning some exciting projects for the future which will be shared with fans once I can make these collaborative projects official, but for now, I can confirm that my next collaborative project will be a music video feature for "Move Yuh Body" coming soon.

What has been your biggest source of inspiration for your music throughout the tough times the world is going through?

Considering these tough times gave me more opportunities for introspection as a result of all live music cancellations, I connected even more deeply to that place inside of me that is true, and that expression of truth brought solace which is reflected in the type of music, style, and sound that I’ve been creating during the quarantine. No matter what tough times life brings, I believe that every song is the silver lining that shines in the dark, and that is the reason why I continue to write music and share my music with others.