Roxanne Wants You To "Take a Ride"

Ottawa native Roxanne is making her name known in the Canadian music scene as a solo artist. Dabbling in many genres of music has pushed her love of exploring new and different rhythms, allowing her to use a mixture of each in every hit she creates! Her unique sound hits every aspect of ‘different’ and ‘new’, something that is missed and rare in the music industry.

With her outstanding voice backed up by a strong bass, complemented by smooth jazz, Roxanne’s new single “Take a Ride” will entice you. Her vocals and captivating lyrics not only speak to you but are filled with good vibes as she puts you directly in line with how she was feeling when she wrote: “Take a Ride”. Created with warm undertones and a splash of electro-pop, this song is just the first of many for Roxanne to release in 2020 and with her talent that projects onto her powerful voice, we can only imagine what she has in store in the future.

It’s great to have you at BuzzMusic! Your music truly captivates us. What’s the story behind Roxanne and how did you launch your career in music?

I’ve always been drawn to music since as long as I can remember. I believe that its unique power to tell stories and evoke emotions whether listening to music or playing music had a significant impact on me. My involvement in music began by singing songs that played on the family radio which was mostly classic rock. Discovering different genres as an adolescent including pop, R&B, soul, funk, disco, dance, hip hop, electronica, experimental, etc., I realized that I wanted to sing and create music. I studied voice at an art school that focused on classical music and opera. Unfamiliar with classical music and opera, it took time for me to appreciate it, but it eventually grew on me. Finding a love of music and a love for the theatrical performance in the operatic realm, I pursued my studies in vocal performance and education and earned a music degree at the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada.

I started my music career as a singer in classical and opera, as well as in a theater, where I had the great honor to perform on many prestigious stages including Ottawa’s National Arts Center and New York’s Carnegie Hall.