RoyStar SoundSick Serves up a Bombastic, Suave Music Video for Latest Release "South-Side"

The latest single from RoyStar SoundSick, the LA-based rhymester, draws a long definitive line in the sand marking the separation between his own braggadocious City repping versifications and current new-wave hip hop. "South-Side," which comes with its video feature, finds distinguishment and effectiveness from the others mentions above through the bombastic stanchions it anchors over the comprising focal points within the smooth-swaggering single. Here, RoyStar SoundSick pulls up with his drop-top Jeep, enamoring all he passe along the way, connecting bipartite toplines in the chorus and a yacht-full of boasting over the verse.

As you dive into the epitome of monochromatic shots around The City of Angel's "South-Side," RoyStar SoundSick appears. Decked-out in a blacked-out and tailored-made trenchcoat, dripping with probably the most expensive-looking shades you can find at a Burberry near you, and buzzing with confidence over every line. With "keep a couple of bands in the safe, had to ice the wrist, so I went and put a Rolley on it," festooning the opening moments of "South-Side," it's not hard picturing the R&B-reminiscent pads booming out of brand-new speakers in your top-down Cadillac, with a handful of your Hip-hop-loving clique crammed in the back seat, bobbing along to the adhesive vibes dissolving from the rumbling sub-woofers below.

When the hook finds its way to the head, the resulting sensation can't be remade. The low rumbling lines from the introduction interweave together with a new sequencing flow from RoyStar SoundSick himself, buzzing with kaleidoscopic texture as the California rapper makes the association to his home-city: "came up on the south side, no it ain't safe you outside." By the time you get past the second resoundings of the mantra-like hook, the concept of buying into the buoyant swagger that RoyStar SoundSick is presenting with every stylish video shot and every curtailing Hip-hop verse doesn't seem that far-fetch. It's that exact notion behind why this L.A. notoriety has already established himself as a household staple in the music industry.

Hello RoyStar SoundSick and welcome to BuzzMusic. Where did you shoot Music Video for "South-Side," and what influenced the idea behind that concept?

We shot the music video for South Side during a trip to Minneapolis, right next to the Hennepin Avenue bridge Downtown.  

When you think about what inspired the vibe behind "South-Side," and how the attached Video was shot, what comes to mind as most influential? 

The bridge landscape was such an iconic scene that I felt the need to add some personal flavor to it. The concept developed from there, with the scenery being the major focal point and myself being included as an “essential accessory” so to speak.

Were there any emotions you found yourself channeling into for the aesthetic and attitude you present atop the visuals and sonics of "South-Side"?

I really wanted to channel the emotions of the record into the visual, which was more of a laid back, storytelling type of vibe.  Lots of charm, lots of playful charisma; two emotions that I enjoy incorporating into my artistic aesthetic. 

What were some of your goals behind the Music Video for "South-Side," and did you feel like you accomplished those aims looking back on this project?

One of the main goals behind the Music Video for "South-Side"  was that I wanted to give a sense of my personality through the visual, which I feel like we accomplished.  I also wanted to introduce a contextual vibe to the entire “3 Peace” project, which this visual definitely set the tone for.  We’ve got more on the way, with a major feature lined up for the “Run Way” visual. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Throughout 2020 I’ve been heavily inspired by the AllatRa movement. I’ve also been inspired by the ideas of progression, peace, unity, and the need to give positive vibrations to the world.  I’m thoroughly excited to use my platform as an Artist as a means to bring these ideas to the forefront.