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Roz De La Cruz Knows It’s Not All Sunshine And Rainbows In “HOLLYWOOD”

Toronto-based Filipino-Canadian r&b/pop artist and singer-songwriter Roz De La Cruz strikes an emotional chord with his latest single and music video, "HOLLYWOOD."

With two singles under his belt, "South" and the latest, "HOLLYWOOD," Roz De La Cruz is consistently serving ear-pleasing tunes that put him on the map. More recently, he opened for NEW WEST at a sold-out show at Toronto's Axis Club (formerly The Mod Club).

In his newest single, "HOLLYWOOD," Roz De La Cruz takes us through the bittersweet end of a loving relationship. "It's when you haven't fallen out of love with your partner, but life is calling you both in different directions," notes the Toronto-hailing artist. The song's music video takes us through a deeply emotional storyline that will tug on anyone's heartstrings.

Expanding on the single itself, "HOLLYWOOD," there's a sweet early 2000s pop vibe that moves the atmosphere into a deeply passionate and emotional space. Roz De La Cruz's melodic and chilling vocals effortlessly swoon the listener while serenading them with such emotional lyrics about letting someone go for the better.

The song's music video sees Roz De La Cruz picking up his significant other for a day-long ride to her destination. The video brings another nostalgic aspect with DIY shots and old-school video cameras while the two ride off into the sunset to part ways on their separate journeys. It's one of those music videos that makes you reflect and be grateful for what you have while it's still around.

Allow Roz De La Cruz to serenade your mind, body, and soul with his touching new single and music video, "HOLLYWOOD." Find the music video on YouTube and the single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Roz De La Cruz. We're so impressed with the level of emotion you've poured into your new single, "HOLLYWOOD." What inspired you to write such a personal song like this? Thank you, I'm glad you liked my newest single. We wrote this in the middle of the pandemic. Our team was doing remote sessions in our own homes using Zoom. And I wanted to have a song that's very uplifting sonically, so one of our producers, Deniz Lim-Sersan, cooked up a beat that has a summer vibe. When we got to writing, the lyrics just decided to take a direction toward a story about a bittersweet ending of a relationship. We then experimented with adding some chants in the intro with some Tagalog ad-libs (Filipino Language) and added a bunch of percussions that would often be heard in traditional Filipino music. What inspired the concept of our music video for "HOLLYWOOD"? What was your experience shooting the music video? Since the song already has a happy vibe with sad-driven lyrics, we wanted to have a simple Visualizer that reflects the story. I didn't want to have a cliché music video with high-octane energy that would pair up with the song; I wanted to play around with the concept of a relationship ending filled with long shots and has this home-video vibe. We shot it in one day, just driving around the city, and were able to tell the story of the couple saying goodbye to each other one last time. What was your goal for the sound and vibe of "HOLLYWOOD"? Did any artists, sounds, or projects influence the song? It's such a contrast from my first single, 'SOUTH', which was much more relaxed, intimate, and R&B. This song was more energetic but still follows that juxtaposed way of writing. We wanted to give an ode to songs from the early 2000s like 'Beautiful' by Pharrell Williams and Snoop Dogg and pop-infused Samba hits like 'Mas Que Nada' by Black-eyed peas & Sergio Mendes. What did you want listeners to feel or think when hearing your single, "HOLLYWOOD"? What experience did you want to give them? I just want the listeners to feel good listening to this song. It's a perfect song to play during a drive on a weekend while singing out the words. What's next for you? Well, I got two singles out already, 'SOUTH' and 'HOLLYWOOD'. I got one more single coming out in the fall called 'Enough is Enough,' so look out for that! This will also be compiled in a 5 song EP called 'WHEN THINGS GO SOUTH' coming out SPRING 2023!


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