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Ruben Gerritz Observes the Beauty in Poignant Hues

Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Ruben Gerritz is a singer-songwriter whose heritage in blues has opened him to the influence of various genres during his musical development.

Eliminating boundaries in music in order to create his own unique sound, the songs he crafts mainly fall into an indie-pop realm, but at times he likes to give certain tracks a funky African touch that proves to strike a chord with the audience.

Formed in 2015 the Ruben Gerritz band has been traveling the world to showcase their performance skill set and bringing Ruben Gerritz further in the music scene with his techniques and knowledge.

Leaving his audience in a myriad of poignant tenors, the most recent release by Ruben Gerritz takes us through a salient soundscape that’s driven by adoration and desire. “Don’t Leave Me Alone,” has us swooning over the absorbing shades of fervency that overflow from the instrumentation, and Ruben Gerritz’ vocal performance.

Smoldering in the eminence of the top-tier mix, we can’t get over the wide atmosphere that’s brought forth through inviting guitar strums, and impactful percussion hits at the core of this record. Creating a specific rhythm that’s felt through your soul, more than it’s heard, Ruben Gerritz acknowledges the vulnerable sector of his creativity and serves it up in a powerful vessel laced with an elusive juxtaposition.

It’s hard to get over the pure nature that “Don’t Leave Me Alone” has us feeling after taking a deep dive into the crisp yet pacifying timbres that Ruben Gerritz radiates. Grasping onto each lyrical motif as it etches itself into our mind, the gravitational pull of this single takes us to a profound universe waiting to be uncovered.

Congratulations on the heartfelt release of your most recent single, “Don’t Leave Me Alone.” The lyrics that you write hit a soft spot with us, and we admire the manner in which you’re able to convey this song so passionately. Could you please share the inspiration that ignited the creation of this song?

Don’t Leave Me Alone comes from a place of mixed feelings. Many people ask me or assume I wrote the song for somebody, however that’s not the case. I wrote the song out of the mixed emotions coming from the fear of being alone and the realization that a relationship is over. Emotions and thoughts are integral to the person we are. We sometimes try to hide or suppress our feelings which can only lead to more heartache. Don’t Leave Me Alone hits the nerve for me where one needs to make peace with the fact that a chapter in your life is over. Whether you want it or not. And the struggle of the mixture of emotions.

What does “Don’t Leave Me Alone” say about you as an artist? In terms of themes reflected on, or messaging taken away from this masterpiece, what do you hope your audience can grasp hold from it?

As most of my songs are African upbeat music, I feel this song brings me back to my roots. Don’t Leave Me Alone was the first song I ever wrote, which will always have a special place for me. The message I hope to get across with Don’t Leave Me Alone is that you are in fact not alone. What you are going through many people can relate to and possibly help. Everyone has gone through some or another form of heartbreak. This means we can help each other and you don’t need to be alone. In closing, I hope Don’t Leave Me Alone brings the message across to the audience that I too am human and it’s okay to be.

Known to travel across the globe and perform to your audiences worldwide, do you find that performance or writing is more of your forte? Why?

I always pride myself on being a singer-songwriter. I am however still fairly new to the songwriting part. I have performed longer than I have written songs. Performing in front of many different audiences from different countries brings a sense of perspective to the table. I find there’s a harmonious balance between writing a song and performing it to an audience. You tend to show a vulnerable side of yourself. In conclusion, I feel performing is my strong suit for now. Writing is a journey and with every song, you write you are starting from the beginning again. I am excited to see what the future will bring for my songwriting and performance.

What is something about you you’d like your listeners to know that perhaps maybe hasn’t been communicated through your music?

I tend to write songs with more than one meaning. Writing music that truly makes one feel something is a dangerous road to go down, you are never sure where you going to end up. For me, a song is never done. Once it comes to life, you need to let the song go where it wants to. I would like to see my listeners seek the double or triple meaning in my songs, the story behind the story. Writing songs that are deeper than they come across is something I truly take pride in.


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