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Ruby Rae Sings A Song Of Redemption In “Desperate Things”

Independent singer-songwriter and genre-defying recording artist Ruby Rae finds beauty in "Desperate Things" with her latest single off her forthcoming album, True Crime.

Ruby Rae is a frequent collaborator, working alongside a handful of talented artists while remaining true to her vibrant yet dark, catchy and psychological, cinematic and complex sound. With influences like Wanda Jackson, Mazzy Star, and Lori McKenna, Ruby Rae draws from diverse sources like folklore, mythology, horror films, and autobiography.

Perhaps the most autobiographical listening experience she's released thus far is her latest single, "Desperate Things." Ruby Rae explains, "Sometimes the best things come out of the rubble of desperate things, and at the end of it all...there is redemption in understanding that whatever happened along the way brought you right where you need to be."

The new single is off of Ruby Rae's upcoming album, True Crime, which will be released later this year.

The single, "Desperate Things," warmly opens with a lush country-folk instrumental with a dash of dark alternative and rockabilly swagger. Ruby Rae's chilling and distinct vocals melt through our speakers with incredibly emotional lyrics about facing heartbreak dead in the face and finding outlets to cope with the pain.

The subtle country twang paired with the bouncy bass licks and steady percussion bring a state of balance to the listener's ears, and Ruby Rae tips the scales in her favor with the sweetest melodies and her introspective lyrics. Ruby Rae's display of such personal and vulnerable emotions is effortless; she has no problem inviting the listener to experience her relatable trials and tribulations.

When you're not sure where to turn, keep your head held high with help from Ruby Rae's sweet new single, "Desperate Things," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ruby Rae. You've truly moved us with your compelling lyrics and soothing tones in your new single, "Desperate Things." What experiences inspired this deeply emotional single?

Thank you, I'm so glad to hear that! Desperate Things was influenced by a tough breakup in a hotel in the middle of nowhere. I was coming to terms with things falling apart and wondering about the other guests in the hotel - were they lusting after money, love, or adventure? Were they breaking up and starting over like me? What do they want, and what do I really want?

Did you face any challenges when writing "Desperate Things?" Or was it easy to be so vulnerable when writing your lyrics?

It was incredibly challenging to write something so honest, I've always relied heavily on style or story for songwriting. I was feeling pretty raw at the time and never thought anyone would hear it (oops). In some ways, this is a song about putting yourself out there in the world and then failing. It's about getting up and starting over again and again.

What sort of sound or vibe did you want to give "Desperate Things?" How did you want the song to make listeners feel?

I wanted the listener to feel pulled in and to share a secret. The lyrical repetition and unfinished structure are meant to reflect the highway seams + lines repeating and to leave them wanting more.

What role does "Desperate Things" play in your upcoming album, True Crime? How does the song relate to the album's theme or concept?

True Crime is an album about telling the truth - this is what happened and how it feels. It's about speaking truth to power. Desperate Things and Tied To The Track (another single from the album) were written around the same time and were the first two songs I wrote for this new project. They feel so important to this album. They hold up the building and happen to be two of my favorites.

What's next for you?

I'm so excited to release this record and have people finally hear it! I'll be hosting a True Crime Listening Party via Instagram Live on Oct 1st, a release party in Nashville on Oct 25th at The Bowery Vault with my talented pal Jessi Robertson, and a video release coming soon. More tour dates next year too!


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