RudeeBoss Gives Us A Feel-Good Summer Hit: “Dat Ting”

RudeeBoss is releasing new music, thankfully in time for summer! We’re loving the vibe of his music, and the head space it puts you in. Residing in Toronto, Canada, RudeeBoss allows his life experiences to heavily influence his music. This artist contributes to the Dancehall/hip-hop genre in the best (and most needed) way possible! Immediately listening to RudeeBoss’ tracks, you’ll feel uplifted and energized for the day. His latest track “Dat Ting” will make you realize exactly what we’re trying to explain here!

Alright, we think we have finally found our favorite summer bop! RudeeBoss releases “Dat Ting” and we’re vibing along hard—the track intertwines the most fitting elements of exotic and fun! RudeeBoss delivers a lyrical flow that is unlike most other. We get captivated by his effortless confidence and elegance that pours off the song. As a listener, we feel as if we got right into the tempo of the track—not too hard-hitting, as you would expect most rap/hip-hop tracks to be. “Dat Ting” maintains an alluring aspect throughout the track, and honestly, we were addicted to the feel-good energy it fills the listener up with. After listening to “Dat Ting”, it was incredibly clear to us the level of technique RudeeBoss is able to integrate within his tracks, attributed to the extensive experience he has had in the music scene thus far. We’re officially a fan of RudeeBoss and the music he puts out, and we can’t wait for the BuzzMusic hip/hop fans to give his latest track a listen! 

Discover RudeeBoy’s “Dat Ting” here, and keep scrolling for the artists interview!

Hey RudeeBoss! Can you introduce yourself to our BuzzMusic readers?

Hey I go by the name is RudeeBoss. I’m born and raised in the city of Toronto, Canada. I am currently 24, entering 25 on July 15th. I am Toronto’s first Canadian born dancehall artist.  

How was the creation process of “Dat Ting”? Did you run into any challenges?

The Creation process of how I put "Dat Ting" together was having the beat on repeat. I felt this melody, this vibrant energy the Instrumental gave to me. It really created this vision for me to then begin my writing process. The moment I created the hook "just gimmie that ting my girl" stuck and I simply could not get it out of my head. I then started to create around the ideas around the topic to build the song I now call "Dat Ting". Challenges that where faced during the development of the song was finding the right sound for myself, trying different styles and different flows to fit the imagine I had for the song.

What type of environment are you trying to create for the listener when composing your music?

The type of environment I try and continue to create for the listener is a pleasant, exciting, energetic with an extremely positive vibe for all listener to enjoy every minute of the song. I want my listeners to always have a excellent experience listening to the music I create I want it my sound to be different yet strikingly catchy so that it isn't difficult to catch onto and enjoy as they listen.

Where would you say is your dream venue to perform at? Have you performed anywhere recently?

My dream venue to perform at BRTweekend, as well as Reggae SumFeast. My most recent performance was at Moda NightClub + Bar in Toronto Canada. The audience was amazing the venue was great. But the best part was that everyone one was vibing and have a great time as I performed. The entire audience going crazy.

What are you up to next as an artist?

Recent work that I'm still in the process of doing is putting together a new music video for my audience. I also have more new music on the way, and I'm expected to have 4 more shows before the end of the summer.

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