Rule the Courts to Chrys Thompson’s Newest Release “Home Team"

Saying hello from Los Angels and making waves in the music scene as a freestyle rapper is Chrys Thompson. Since moving to Los Angels in 2011, Chrys has co-founded the recording studio and music production company Hush Money Music. Never slowing down, Chrys Thompson has released two singles, a party album, and is now releasing again along with Kubla Kahn, another single "Home Team," and this one is definitely for the big games. "Home Team" as soon as it starts hits you so hard in the gut that it will send you flying to your favorite team's home court. This is the perfect pre-game tune. "Home Team" opens up with moody synths, spicy vocals, and an attention-grabbing vocal performance. This sets us up with anticipation for a big event that is immediately paid off once the verse starts with its deep 808 drums that make our seats rumble, and a remarkable rap performance that excites us up and gets us chanting along to Chrys' vocals. It is clear that while listening to "Home Team," Chrys has come far as an artist. His attention to detail shows through his use of strategically placing every lyric so that it has the perfect amount of intention while performing but also makes sense as a whole story. Chrys is a poet, to say the least, combining new sounds and styles to create dynamic never before heard experiences that is sure to keep you hooked from start to end.

You can listen to “Home Team” here.