Run in Circles With HighJak's Latest Single, "Can't Catch Me"

Combining all roles in a remarkable package, HighJak is a producer, artist, and artist manager who began his music career in his hometown of Kansas City, MO.

Using live instrumentation and catchy hooks to articulate a deeper meaning to his lyrics and stories that he places into his music, HighJak never disappoints. Whether it be Pop style hooks, R&B-influenced lyricism, or alternative guitar riffs, he offers a unique sound that hasn’t been touched on in the music industry before.

The eclectic blend of a cognizant atmosphere greets the passionate ambiance of HighJak in his most recent release “Can’t Catch Me.”

Familiarizing us with a world that is weaved together by various genres, the enticing essence of this soundscape lures us into a dazzling display of emotions felt. There’s a powerful tone that is captured in the honesty portrayed by the intimately reflective lyrics dispersed.

The deeper we dive into “Can’t Catch Me,” we find ourselves struck by the reality graciously poured up. HighJak’s exclusive vocalization has us fluttering in the authenticity that he’s eager to administer throughout his musical creations. Each word is juxtaposed with an acquainted sense of melancholy, and the rush of breaking free.

Implementing a message of ridding the toxicity he once knew, we’ve always been a fan of how no two Highjak songs sound the same. Allowing us to simmer on the repetition of the chorus reiterating the motif, ‘you can’t catch me,’ HighJak makes it so we not only grasp onto the witty quips showcased in his verses but we’re fulfilled by the simplistic and prevailing nature of the chorus.