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Run in Circles With HighJak's Latest Single, "Can't Catch Me"

Combining all roles in a remarkable package, HighJak is a producer, artist, and artist manager who began his music career in his hometown of Kansas City, MO.

Using live instrumentation and catchy hooks to articulate a deeper meaning to his lyrics and stories that he places into his music, HighJak never disappoints. Whether it be Pop style hooks, R&B-influenced lyricism, or alternative guitar riffs, he offers a unique sound that hasn’t been touched on in the music industry before.

The eclectic blend of a cognizant atmosphere greets the passionate ambiance of HighJak in his most recent release “Can’t Catch Me.”

Familiarizing us with a world that is weaved together by various genres, the enticing essence of this soundscape lures us into a dazzling display of emotions felt. There’s a powerful tone that is captured in the honesty portrayed by the intimately reflective lyrics dispersed.

The deeper we dive into “Can’t Catch Me,” we find ourselves struck by the reality graciously poured up. HighJak’s exclusive vocalization has us fluttering in the authenticity that he’s eager to administer throughout his musical creations. Each word is juxtaposed with an acquainted sense of melancholy, and the rush of breaking free.

Implementing a message of ridding the toxicity he once knew, we’ve always been a fan of how no two Highjak songs sound the same. Allowing us to simmer on the repetition of the chorus reiterating the motif, ‘you can’t catch me,’ HighJak makes it so we not only grasp onto the witty quips showcased in his verses but we’re fulfilled by the simplistic and prevailing nature of the chorus.

Taking our perspective to the creative and emotion-backed lens he peers through, we’ll gladly submerge our minds in the likes of “Can’t Catch Me.”

We love how you allow yourself to get deep on this track. Is the narrative addressed based on a particular moment or story?

The narrative is based heavily on the ending of the last relationship I had hence, "I think I'm kind of glad that you left me," being in the chorus. However, the song is more based more off of confidently moving on from the past rather than sulking in sadness after the end of a relationship. I had my fair share of sulking after the end of this relationship in question, but this song came out once I knew I had finally made the conscious decision to move on and never look back.

In your own words, what does “Can’t Catch Me,” mean to you as an artist? What are you hoping that your audience takes away from it?

"Can't Catch Me," is simply a testament to all of the people who have told you "no" in your life because you weren't capable of something when you felt like you were capable. Sometimes things just don't work out in your favor and that's the way it is. Yet, "Can't Catch Me" expresses how you can really bounce back from anything in such a positive manner that the people who once told you "no" are then begging to be by your side once again. The sad truth is that when they come back crying wolf, you've already run far away to a distant place where you are thriving and have no reason to turn back; to the point where there's no way they will be able to catch you now.

Compared to your previous EP release, ‘Voices,’ how does “Can’t Catch Me,” hold up to the collection of songs heard?

I could only contrast "Can't Catch Me" and "Voices" because voices were more of a "come closer" type of vibe whereas can't catch me is more of a "stay away" type of vibe. Similarly both the EP and the single sound quite different from each other sonically. "Can't Catch Me" is super upbeat and in your face, whereas the EP is a little more mellow. I can say that both the EP and the single relay how I'm feeling about any given topic very accurately. My music is the only way I can express how I truly feel about something and that will stay consistent throughout my whole catalog forever.

Do you find that your creative process is consistently evolving with new inspirations surrounding you? Could you please share a glimpse into what it looked like creating this track?

Yes. The creative process is being interfered with every day by some new artist I discover with a completely different sound that I've never heard before. I believe that every artist desires to strike a chord that nobody has struck before them. We all want to be recognized as unique individuals who are like no one else. I think this is a big motivation behind why we all do it in the first place. So when I see someone who I think has an amazing, new, and unique sound, it kind of f**ks me up in the studio because I'll catch myself trying to sound like them rather than sounding like something that is genuinely me through and through. That didn't necessarily happen with this track in particular, but it's a constant struggle I deal with. For this track, I was heavily inspired by the likes of Post Malone and 7ruh7. I love how these guys' voices sound on a track and I know that I represent the same type of style they do with their sound, so I wanted to really bring the same intensity that they bring in the booth when it comes to vocals. Basically, I invited a big group of people to the studio, we drank and hung out all night, and this is the song that came out of it!

What's next for you?

I have another single dropping very very soon. It's one of my favorite songs I've made so far and is super high energy so I can't wait to show it to everyone! After that, it will be time to drop a full-length album which will be a compilation of tracks that I've been sitting on for a long time. Already been planning my next album after that in the meantime. Plenty more to come.


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