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"Run," Towards Individuality with Misty Eyed's Latest Single

Soaring in from Atlanta, GA, the hard-rock/metal trio Misty Eyed lights our fire with an intensely empowering single, "Run."

Having performed alongside acts like Hollywood Undead, Diamonte, Lacey Strum, and more, Misty Eyed perpetually seeks expansion and growth within their sound.

Compromised by Megan, John, and Wes, Misty Eyed has firmly rooted in the belief that our reality is merely a collection of perspectives, emphasizing individuality through their lyricism.

Now releasing their first single of 2021 entitled "Run," Misty Eyed mentioned that the single touches on the liberation of realizing the impossibility of pleasing everyone. "I felt the need to be exactly what everyone else wanted me to be instead of who I wanted to be...the song is not about running away but instead, running towards," says frontwoman Megan Burke.

Opening "Run" is a melancholy electric guitar melody that quickly drops into the powerful and gut-wrenching metal instrumentals. Megan Burke suddenly catches our attention with her melodically rich vocals while singing a vulnerable message of molding her thoughts to please those around her. After the first hook, Misty Eyed picks up the pace and blasts through with punching drum breaks, sweltering guitars, and Burke's dynamic vocal stylings.

What's great about this track and Misty Eyed's performance is their ability to stay incredibly melodic and deliver catchy hooks that aren't overpowered by metal's weight and angst. Keeping us hooked onto their thrilling guitars and intricate drum patterns, Misty Eyed rolls their way to the track's end with a refreshing and renewing sense of freedom.

Dive into the wise words of Misty Eyed and their latest gripping single, "Run," available here.


We highly appreciate the empowering lyrical message you've placed into your single, "Run." What inspired your group to write about individuality and steering away from people-pleasing?

I feel like most people, especially women, can relate to people having expectations for them that don't line up with what they want or who they are. I know personally, it's been hard to really step up and be who I wanted to be regardless of what people think. Is there a specific songwriter within your group, or was the songwriting process for "Run" shared amongst your members?

It was a really collaborative process. For the most part, we each write our own parts and come together to get the puzzle pieces to fit how we want them to. We're incredibly impressed with the dense and melodic instrumentation throughout your single, "Run." What did your group's creative process look like when developing such heavy and melodic instrumentals?

Thank you! We really wanted it to sound as full as possible and leave no stone unturned. The boys' inspirations are really rooted in metal and along with that comes the desire to have the music hit you in the chest and really make you feel, not just the lyrics, but the music itself. To think about it another way, if there were no lyrics, could the music stand on its own? Seeing as your group is rooted in the belief that our reality is merely a collection of perspectives, how does the rest of your discography expand on this idea? How does your music reflect this concept?

I think like most musicians, we're storytellers. For me personally, I enjoy trying to tell stories from other's points of view. I've only seen so much in my life, what is it like to see this scenario from this person's eyes? I love taking a story and designing a narrative to go along with it, which is what we try to do for most of our music. Of course, we do have our own stories in there as well. What's next?

The sky is the limit for Misty Eyed. We're going to continue telling stories, writing the music we love to write, and connecting with people. And I believe with where the world is right now, I see shows coming back stronger than ever and we're excited to ride that wave.



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