Runaway Mornings Places You In An Atmospheric Trance With His Latest Single “Weigh Me Down”

Runaway Mornings released his latest single titled “Weigh Me Down” and we were effortlessly taken back by their crisp indie-instrumentation and dream-like vocals that completely elevates you into a state of relaxation and mental exploration. But did we expect any less from Runaway Mornings? Who is known to captivate you with each sonic swell? Personal and contemplative, Runaway Mornings puts his soul on each track and invites the listener to become enveloped by the music. You’re taken onto this unique journey that becomes more emotionally convicting each minute.

“Weigh Me Down” is a beautiful song that had passionate songwriting and augmented moments of vulnerability. The interesting concept to “Weigh Me Down” is how the lyricism is so poetically melancholic, yet you manage to feel a sense of numbness to your emotions. Instead of allowing the music to bring down the mood, you’re astonished by the beauty of the track. I was also able to notice unique synths in the back of the instrumentation that gave this track a nice classic, vintage flare. If you’re unfamiliar with the synths that I am discussing, I am specifically talking about the type of sound you will hear in the introduction of “Stranger Things”. Imagine that with otherworldly sound effects and gorgeous piano chord. This fusion curates the ultimate experience for a listener. The music of Runaway Mornings has always been marked by expansive soundscapes and love for ethereal and emotive songwriting. His debut EP "In Hindsight" was a perfect introductory piece; a record that offered insight into the young songwriter’s burgeoning artistry.

Check out "Weight Me Down" by Runaway Mornings here, and continue reading for their interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Runaway Mornings! We’re happy to be able to share your music on our platform. Tell us about your yourselves? Where did you grow up and how did you discover your love for music?

Hey Buzz Music, it’s honestly a pleasure to be speaking with you. My names Will O’Donohue, but I’ve been releasing and writing music as Runaway Mornings for the last few years, in-between study and just life as it goes on. I grew up on the North Shore of Sydney, Australia, with a big leafy backyard and lots of natural sunlight. I’m not sure when I discovered my love for music, apparently as a little kid I loved to dance, I like to think it started there, though it was when I was about 16 I started writing my first songs because it was too hard to learn other peoples, since then I’ve been slowly but surely sharing them with people.

Tell us about your stage name “Runaway Mornings”. It’s super authentic! What’s the story behind it?

No story, Im glad you think the name is authentic though, honestly it's just a combination of words that I thought sounded good together. At this point it just feels so normalised to me, it’s like my first name, I don’t think much of it! Off the tongue it’s kind of sombré and gentle, which suits the music, so yeah.

Where do you find most of your inspiration for your songwriting? How would you describe the meaning behind the lyrics in “Weigh Me Down”?

Inspiration can come from anywhere, I think most artists actually mostly everyone understands a state in which you enter and things come easily and naturally whether that’s when you are making coffees, pulling up weeds or writing songs. I am a pretty confused person, like lots of people my age, a lot of my songs seem to stem from that confusion. Whats going on in the world? Why do I feel awful? Why does it even matter? Why do I have to work? Why do people get out of bed in the morning? It’s just something I’m trying to work out and when I work it, god knows what my songs will be like.

Weigh Me Down is an interesting song lyrically it’s pretty simple, its not overly verbose, but it's honest and it felt real to me when I first sung it. At the time, I was worried that a relationship I was in was weighing me down and the negative connotations of that, and people were saying it was and I started to believe it. But it felt comfortable, and I felt happy, so I thought if this is weighing me down, then I’m here for it, weigh me down.

“Weigh Me Down” was a beautifully executed record. Were there any challenges you faced in the production of this song? How did you overcome these obstacles?

Weigh Me Down existed as just that synth phrase that starts and plays through the whole song, and it stayed that way for a while without lyrics. I became obsessed with how it sounded its the first thing I wanted to play on whatever instrument I was sitting with, especially a grand piano when I was lucky enough to get in contact with one. When I was writing the song, I did a home demo which is kind of similar to the finished recording but yeah I went a little overboard I started to arrange cellos and violins (not that I am actually very good at that), but I thought it had potential for that world, and it still might. I’ve been working with the same team since I started recording, at The Grove Studios, my friends James Osborn (Memoiirs) and Jack Nigro, at this point they just understand me and my music, and we have a lot of fun producing these tracks. The biggest problem we faced was not overcomplicating it, its easy to that to such a simple song, I wanted it swell and swirl like the ocean and I feel like we got there really organically!

What can we expect next from you Runaway Mornings? Anything exciting coming up?

Runaway Mornings is heading on tour this and next month around our home state of NSW, with a full band made of my very talented friends. I’m enjoying touring and will do a bit more of that next year. What I love is recording though so there will be another EP hopefully next year, I am really excited to take my time creating a small body of work, as opposed to this year which has been singles! But I’m really stoked with the support the singles this year have been receiving form the Sydney and Australian music community, theres lots of exciting things going on here.

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