RUNOFFBROKE, Irelands Premier Rapper Drops New Hit "Family"

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, RUNOFFBROKE is creating fast-paced rhymes clotted in dark humor and clever punch lines. On his latest release "Family," the track begins with a repetitive tone reverberating on your stereo, which explodes when RUNOFFBROKE enters the soundscape spouting his signature quick rhymes. Ticking percussion fuels the background to create an air of prowess.

RUNNOFFBROKE's ability to flow between different tempos on "Family", is a showcase of this rapper's true talents. He can slow down his rhymes to create a shadow of darkness over the listener or his consistent, unwavering flow can stimulate the listener's senses to create an eruption of energy. "Family" encompasses gritty and infamous verses such as: "I can see life can be different, I can see life can be cruel", "I can escape where I'm living", "Called my mom, to tell her I bought her a car", "Father been watching me sell out (explicit) shows", "Sister been watching the cash coming in through the door", which tell the story of an artist working tirelessly through the hassle to elevate his family's presence. We have no doubt this provocative artist will not elevate is own existence but any that may be so privileged to share family bonds.

You can find "Family" here.

Hello  RUNNOFFBROKE, and welcome to BuzzMusic. You have been so busy releasing tracks that its great to touch base on your newest release "Family". Can you tell us a bit about this track and the meaning behind it? That track is all about bettering myself for the future and becoming the artist I want to be, I felt like I’d put this off for too long and that my family can now see the differences in me. From being constantly stuck in the rinse and repeat of getting fucked up to constantly working on tracks, it’s definitely something they’re proud to see, and I’m proud of it myself, so I wanted to highlight that in this song. 

"Family" really puts your devotion to your family front and center, has your family had a driving force effect on your music? Definitely! My father achieved his dream of becoming a radio presenter back in the day, and that’s always been a drive for me showing me I can do this shit, I have the most supportive family in the world they have always inspired me to make music and pushed me in the right directions in life. So I thought I’d thank them for it in more than just some quick words in person. This song is me showing I want to constantly better myself for them. 

What does the creative process look like for you? How do you channel your thoughts and put them into free-flowing rhymes? It’s just a thing that’s become second nature to me by now, after years of doing this it doesn’t take much more than a few hours for us to make a song, but mostly it’s just about figuring out what your chorus is first and basing your song off of that. Using a chorus is perfect cause it’s quick and sweet and you don’t need to have this fucking deep never-ending thought about what it’s gonna be. It just happens there and then and once you can relate to it you can write lyrics that follow suit pretty easily! 

Who are some of your musical influences you feel have had an impact on creating your own sound?

Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, Chris webby, and recently Jack Harlow. A lot of odd future old kid Cudi stuff too when I was a kid really made me want to be in their shoes and do the stuff they do for a day! I know NINETY7HERTZ feels the same about a lot of those artists also when it comes to his beats but he loves ASAP MOB and underground trap like wretchy p and the likes of him, that’s where you can really hear his influences.

What's next for you?

We have tracks on tracks on tracks coming out so we have a lot to do, RUNOFFBROKE will be a household name someday. What I really think is next for us is finishing up as many songs as we can before this COVID shit ends, and then doing as many shows as is humanely possible. We’re in this for life so there’s no going back now,