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Rx Delivers The Sensuality With “Lucky Boy”

Who is this Canadian artist that’s killing it currently? The one with the scorching skills on the acoustic guitar gifted from her father? This artist we’re referring to is this singer and songwriter,

Rx got her footing by just creating poetry. Improvisation within her creative high school classes such as music and drama was her forte and pushed her to create and write her own music. She became intertwined with the acoustic guitar gifted from her grandfather at the age 15. Ever since then, she became completely familiarized with the instrument, composing her first song, and reinventing her poems, transforming them into songs, and her creative journey been surer ever since!

Rx impressed us to the fullest capacity with “Lucky Boy”. In just one sitting, you’re inhaling a complete breath of fresh air, overwhelming your body and fabricating the perfect vibe to become attached too. Her rhythms lure you in, but it’s the contagious melody that carries you away. It’s like “welcome to paradise, and we hope you enjoy your stay”. Maintaining a capturing appeal to the music, “Lucky Boy” produces musical endorphins that places you into a state of relaxation and pleasure. The producer Yuri Koller is who we can credit for this sensual driven track. He created a nostalgic mood that was reflective of his personal childhood. “Lucky Boy” became a seductive hit, soaked in the eighties vibes with female dominance ruling over. Her textured voice adds power to the dynamics of the production, creating a nicely well-arranged record.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Rx! Can you tell our readers a little about you and your career in music?

Thanks for having me! Well I started off writing poetry as a kid. I didn’t know I wanted to pursue music at all. One day I decided to turn one of my poems into a song because my baby sister was just born and I wanted to make one for her. No one in my family was a musician so I didn’t have too much guidance as I was trying to find my voice. I made friends who were musicians in high school that helped me a lot. I’ve probably written hundreds of songs by now and last year I was like, “I need to finally release something,” so I did. Now I have a whole bunch of new music ready for release & the most exciting part is that I’m not confined to one genre. 

From your artist perspective, how would you describe your music?

I tend to create music based on the music that I listen to on the road. I love top 40 Pop/R&B now but I grew up on rock/alternative music. The sound is my first EP was very radio friendly, happy, and upbeat. The music I’m creating now is more sweet, vibey, and soulful I guess. I’m expressing who I am on a deeper and more mature level. I do have a couple of collab’s with Mind Massage that we’re anxious to release. They touch base with the feel of my first EP. 

Knowing you’re poetically inclined, in what ways do you essentially include poetry in songwriting? Do you believe the two co-exist well with one another or even intertwine as part of the writing process?

They definitely intertwine. I consider a song to be a technical version of a poem. Sometimes I’ll start writing a train-of-thought styled poem and it won’t make sense until I reorganize my thoughts by giving it a rhythm and melody. My next release was actually written like that. I didn’t have a melody at all until I started playing around on the keys and created a chord structure that I felt fit the words.

We loved “Lucky Boy” ! what was one of the many challenges you found yourself facing in the making of this record?

What a funny question. My producer and I have such strong opinions when it comes to music so it was a bit of a tug of war between us when we were making it. I wanted it to sound a certain way and so did he. Finally I was like, “okay do your thing,” and that was the best decision because I love how it evolved and became my favourite track I’ve released so far. 

Thank you for sharing your music with us Rx! How do you plan on elevating your next release from “Lucky Boy”? what can the fans anticipate from Rx?

Well I do have a visual goodie to release before my next song comes out. I watched it and I couldn’t even believe it was me. My next single release is a little bit more upbeat. I plan to release music every couple months this year. I have so much music in the vault... so why not?

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