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Rx27 Makes Incredible Debut With The Impactful Single “Gasoline”

Goth art-punk band, Rx27 released their debut single “Gasoline” and the song is as much of a mystery as the band itself. “Gasoline” pours through with a grunge-led intensity and clear purpose, lines like "I don't think much/ About the limits/ I don't want much/ of what they’re giving” stand out and hit with impact thanks to a notably anthem-like melodic development. This release actually introduces an impressive alternative punk rock band with a strong sense of melody and passion about their sound. “Gasoline” is surprisingly engaging right the way through, whatever opinions you may form in the beginning, you’re likely to see those changes as the track continues.

“Gasoline” has a great hook, it’s a big moment that would likely hit hard at a live show. Things get incredibly dark, really reinforcing the essence of the song far more than staying focused on the comedy aspect. There’s a reason the band has made this single “Gasoline”, there are genuine concerns and issues at its core. “Gasoline” provokes necessary thought, and it keeps the conversation going in an effective way. Rx27 is an intriguing band, it will be interesting to hear where else their music takes them!

Check out “Gasoline” here and read more with Rx27 below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Rx27! Your debut release “Gasoline” is definitively lively, with such an eclectic, yet modern take on production. How did you intend to connect with your listeners with this particular track?! Don’t just hear it...... see it.... do you feel it?

 TC- We intend to offer this track as widely and as freely as possible so that people can hear their own stories and feel their own urgency as told here. 

MM- I think the intention from Rx27 is to let those who listen, find those dark or maybe not so gloomy times in their lives where they can identify. Feel the times when life was speeding too fast and you lost the driver’s seat and wheel. You can’t hold on and you can’t let go. Is this toxic love you relate to? Yourself? Your world? You tell us. We’re just here to hold the mirror in front of your face and keep the hole in the ground warm for you.  

JB- People listen to music to feel. Or maybe not to. Music is like a drug it makes everything better. The Beatles lied and said all you need is love.  There are so many types of love. Pain is loud and universal and a common thread in life. It maybe is hard to understand love or know what love is.  Heartbreak, death, and loss of hope brings unwanted feelings.  Most songs that hit people the hardest are the honest ones that talk about the trials and tribulations of a person. When we wrote the song it brought up a feeling of risk and danger. The kinda danger you might not like the consequences of. But you still do it anyway. Life is a gamble in this day and age. There may be no tomorrow for me or anyone reading this. So I know in my heart of hearts I lived today like it was my last. Because in all reality I will never live this day again. It’s a memory. It’s in the past. No regrets no wish I could have done it differently. Just like the lyrics. Loving the magic at the moment no matter how tender or perverse it could be.

Tell us more about the meaning of the lyrics within your new release?

MM- When Joie introduced these lyrics to me I was pulled in right away to the imagery of my version of sin city, darkness, corruption, chaos, egotistical heaven and hell within my soul and what I’ve experienced... Maybe you have too or know someone who has. The later verses leading up to the bridge for me especially signify the addictions and desire to be like a Bonnie and Clyde, Thelma and Louise; all together in a speeding reckless car having the perfect night out. The lyrics written by both Joie and Thad remind of times I’ve wanted to keep fires burning, all the highs going for as long as my heart can take— knowing I’m denying my creation of a monster in myself, maybe with those I’m in it with. Turning this repetitive, sick cycle of hell, fury, passion, crashing, burning a joyous occasion I still crave and only know how to have. 

JB- Living in the light playing in the dark. Doing things you know damn well could be disastrous. Be it with someone you know or someone you wish you never met. The thrill of cheating death. I am fascinated by death. Love is a huge risk. This song has a sister song called fuck forever. They tell a story of darkness and light crashing into each other and making beauty. Kinda like I can’t believe we did that. Can we do it again??

TC- Without dictating the meaning of "Gasoline" I would say that the indication is volatility...instability... unpredictability. The power of a substance to all at once be the prime mover and the source of total destruction. And nothing is more dangerously explosive than gasoline vapor. Perfectly blended ignite. 

Love/lust= gasoline/vapor

What would you say is the most useful piece of criticism you’ve received thus far within your career?

TC- To create what you love not what will be loved.

MM- Prior to Rx27 asking me to join in, I was told from various people how breathy, light, and not so strong my voice was. A dear friend and drummer from the band, Death on the Radio, gifted me singing lessons for the very first time with Electra Barakos at her music school in the valley. She taught me how to find and use my core, feel and use my diaphragm, and let's not forget— the breath to help sustain, deliver with power and tools to go way beyond what I thought was capable of. I never knew I was breathing wrong nor did I know much about this thing called the diaphragm that I could literally touch. This all led to discovering “The Singing Belt”. I used this ALL the time when I joined my second band. It was super embarrassing to use in front of bandmates at rehearsals but it was, and STILL is a big help! 

JB- I was told to be teachable. Don’t be the smartest person in the room. If you are, you are in the wrong room. The biggest advice I got was from Devine inspiration. Chase the muse and let the song tell you when it’s finished.  Songwriting is extremely spiritually for me. We did about 25 rewrites on the lyrics. They didn’t feel right. I always go with feelings. Happy accidents or mistakes were the best gifts when writing and demoing this song. I forgot to put on the high hat and I got this drumbeat and went with it. We had other drummers that didn’t or couldn't play it. Or they didn’t get it. Melanie our drummer now got it nailed it first take. We could have made this a traditional punk song but that’s not what the song dictated us. So pretty much Go with the gut and play from your heart. 

Do you typically take criticism to your advantage? 

MM-I either grow, learn from it, look at it, or dismiss it but not let it or anyone has power over me. The advantage I guess is really having an open and curious, not jaded mind and mentality. Maybe 10 years from now, I’ll have a different response but the goal is not to.


JB- Criticism is great. Love us hate us don’t ignore us. When you believe in yourself and what you do, what people think or say doesn’t really matter. In this social media, age opinions are treated as facts. The fact is the only opinions that matter to me is what the band thinks. We have chemistry with each other and trust each other. Yes, we are sensitive artists but when you trust the people you create with you want to hear the truth. Even if it hurts. Pride and ego are a bitch to be a slave to. As an artist, we are always becoming. Chasing the muse and battling the blank page. Honest songwriting is what we are doing here. It’s Rx27. People ask us to label it. So we say goth punk alt-rock. It’s what we hear in our heads. We are not writing in mind for a movie or a commercial or for what trend is going on. Trends are dead ends. Rx27 are writing Rx27 songs. My favorite songwriter is Thad He has such a gift for it. I get to write with him and sing great honest songs. In this band, we are all individual artists that have the same thing in common. We have a vision and a sound and a purpose. We want to bring out the best in each other and push each other as far as we can go as performers and artists. We are pretty brutal on what makes it and what doesn’t. 

Can you describe where you drew your inspiration from in order to curate "Gasoline"?

MM- initially met Joie to go over this song at his studio. I jumped to a different place, deep down to my core where I don’t go often. A place where I’ve completely become obsessed, fallen so hard down the rabbit hole for someone or multiple people at once... nothing short of intrigue, what I perceive to  could be love, definitely lust, sex, infatuation, wanting all of it for whatever it’ll take and for as long as the pain will last. I felt a pain, rage, poison, and passion to fuel my singing along with Joie on this crazy frenzy of a ride.

JB- I always heard this as a duet. The lyrics were inspired by a girl I follow on Instagram. I know it sounds creepy but the girl is intense in her photos. I never spoke with her or even met her. I did tell her she inspired a song and she felt weird and honored. I needed a face of the girl. I know the other faces of darkness, but I never found the one that wanted to go all in. Maybe for a night or for a couple of hours. Lord knows I have gone all-in knowing it was gonna kill me if it goes bad but never found another to reciprocate. The more darkness you bring the more you crave the light and vice versa. To live on the edge and not get cut but it. Unless you like that sort of thing. 

TC-Desperation. The void that one feels in attempting to understand life and create meaningful ways to comprehend the mysteries.

What’s the next goal for you artistically within the music world, now that you’ve just released a new single?

MM- Finish and release of our first EP album with Paul Roessler, perform live shows with artists and bands we’ve been so inspired and moved by, tour and meet more friends and fans across all the states, and of course, travel across the world and play our hearts and blood out.

TC- We will be releasing more material and performing throughout the world as much as we can but I feel like the immediate goal is to continue to put our collective magnifying glass over the collective topics that elude us and to give birth to more music that speaks for those things.

JB- After recording, Maxine said something that was great. She says ok What’s next? The best question in the world. We will tour see the world. Make videos and do more cool interviews like this.  Chase the muse and the song. Live forever in one day and leave it all on the stage. Make a bunch of memories and inspire people to go all-in on themselves. Show them they can do whatever they want.  No limits No Laws. Faith in chasing and getting your dream to happen. Just like we are doing. In life, there are no happy endings. We are gonna do our very best to make sure there is one for everyone. 


You can discover more on Rx27 and their upcoming music via their website!


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