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Rxch Hits Us With The “Walk”

Rxch, a Detroit-based rapper and songwriter, has just released his latest project, "Right One," a five-track solo album that showcases his growth and maturity as an artist.

Born Jovon Mitchell in February 1990 in Saginaw, Michigan, Rxch grew up as an only child with a single mother and turned to music to escape the hardships of his upbringing. With a natural gift for songwriting, Rxch released his debut EP, also titled "Rxch," in 2017, followed by "Chapter One" in 2019.

With each new release, Rxch's sound and style have evolved, demonstrating his versatility and ability to experiment with different rhythms and flows. "Right One" is no exception, showcasing a new vibe of rap that blends elements of R&B/Soul and Hip-Hop music. The project is a testament to Rxch's songwriting, sound engineering, and videography capabilities, as he is a talented artist and the CEO of Rich Quality Studios, LLC.

Beyond his solo work, Rxch has collaborated with several other artists, including Chris Landry, Corey Dollaz, BabyFaceRay, and Grand Rapids R.Payso. He has also been featured on several blog sites, such as A&R Factory and London Buford, gaining recognition for his unique sound and relatable lyrics.

“Walk” a dark and moody, with haunting piano chords and deep bass hits. Rxch's flow is confident and assured, with a rhythmic cadence that drives the song forward. The lyrics are all about staying focused and grinding to achieve your goals.

Musically, “Walk” is a banger. The beat is heavy, with booming 808s and a catchy synth melody that will get stuck in your head for days. Both Rxch and Renee’s flow are on point, riding the beat with ease and delivering their rhymes with conviction. The song will surely get listeners hyped up and ready to conquer challenges.

“Walk” is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates good music. The album is a testament to Rxch's growth and maturity as an artist, showcasing his unique blend of R&B/Soul and Hip-Hop music. With his gift for songwriting, sound engineering, and videography, Rxch is a rising star in the music industry, and we can't wait to see what he has in store for us next.

Don't miss "Walk," available on all streaming platforms now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Rxch nad Chasmaine, and congratulations on another heavy hitter with “Walk” How has your journey as an artist influenced the message behind “Walk,” and what do you hope listeners take away from the song?

Charmaine: As an artist, I have learned to be unapologetically ME. I am still growing as an artist, but my character and experiences shine through in every piece I create. "Walk" is a song that shows my growth and confidence as an artist. This track is self-empowering and reminds me of how no matter what challenges come my way through life or as an artist, I can "walk" through it, and nothing or no one will stop me from enjoying life or my personal journey. I hope listeners will feel motivated to be the best version of themselves daily and to celebrate their achievements regardless of what anyone else says or thinks about it!

Rxch: My journey as an artist hasn't always been so easy; I've been through alot and have had to deal with most of my obstacles on my own. Everything I've been through has made me stronger, though. I have learned how to persevere, endure, and face my fears. In this industry, you get told no...alot! a no has never stopped me. I love the challenge; tell me I need to go harder or that I'm not as good as someone else, and I'll show you why that's a lie. I hope that my listeners will feel that. I hope they never give up or let anybody else tear them down to the point they stop doing what they love and what truly makes them happy. I want my audience to walk with their head held high and to play this record and feel like they are who they say they are, not what the world thinks they are.

“Walk” has a powerful beat and layered production. Can you talk briefly about the creative process behind the song's instrumentation and how you approached bringing the beat to life?

Charmaine: As stated, this beat is already so strong and catchy. In my approach to the track, I felt it was best to keep my vocals playful, robust, engaging and direct to support the overall story and element.

Rxch: I can't speak on the beat itself, but s/o to the producer named Find Will. He turned this beat up, and I just told my story about it.

The lyrics of “Walk” are all about self-belief and perseverance. Can you speak to your own experiences with these themes and how they've impacted your career as an artist?

Rxch: Speaking for myself, I come from a city where it seems almost impossible to make it. It's a small town, Saginaw, Michigan, where everyone knows everyone and grew up as friends and family, so pretty much everyone knows your business. Many people are doing the same things you are, so it's hard to stand out, but few of us stand far out from the rest; the only problem with that is the hate that comes with it. Nobody wants you to do better or be better than they are, so everyone has very limited supporters, favouritism is at an all-time high, and the city has yet to learn how to come together to win because of egos. Coming from a place like that is tough. It takes self-motivation and self-determination to keep going and elevate past your limits. Wise people leave the city to find support elsewhere. I feel like I'm one of those people that stayed and made it happen regardless of all of my adversaries and obstacles along the way, and I never let and stop me or discourage me from becoming the best at what I do. Now I have legit listeners from all over the world.

Charmaine: As an R&B singer who mixes in pop, sometimes it is hard to detect where to go with a song and the responses I will receive. Believing in myself and perseverance has always been a struggle because I truly put my all into everything I do and want to be respected and appreciated. In today's society, it is not always "popular" to go with what you haven't heard or aren't used to, and it makes you question yourself when the support you hope for is not received. I believe learning to speak my mind and not hold back as a songwriter and artist, as well as not giving up on this gift, has made me a better artist. When everything is happening around you, perseverance is not as easy as it sounds, but my love for music and seeing the finished product and the stories that come from it make me love and believe in myself more and more. I may not reach everyone, but I can guarantee that someone has always listened, which makes me proud.

In “Walk,” you rap about staying true to yourself and doing what you feel. How have you stayed authentic to your vision as an artist while also evolving and growing in your sound and style?

Rxch: Staying true to oneself is about following your heart and doing what makes you happy. I've never been the type to switch my style of music or flow based on what other people or other artists are doing. I've seen alot of my peers try to change their style of music and approach to fit what's popular, meaning to copy a style that someone else has succeeded in. Detroit has its sound and style, Flint has its unique sound as well, and I've seen many artists not from that way try their best to sound like them. I just do me, I let the music carry me away, and I allow the melodies of instrumentals to tell me what to say and how to say it. To me, that is staying too authentic to yourself.

Charmaine: I have stayed true to myself by writing based on my experiences. When I harmonize or rap about a topic, I know the cadence and the overall sound I hear. I know the feeling I want to feel, so ultimately, only I can produce that sound in my head. I remain authentic to my vision by expressing what I see or hear with others working with me, and together we both learn and grow. This makes collaborating much more beautiful because we get each other's vision and give space for the other person to be them while sharing pieces of each other's true selves.

The flow and delivery on “Walk” are especially impressive, with a rhythmic cadence that drives the song forward. Can you talk briefly about your approach to crafting your flow and how you balance technical proficiency with emotional expression in your rapping?

Rxch: After hearing the beat, I knew immediately I had to step on this beat. I had to come with it. I got in my bag immediately and freestyled maybe the first 5 bars. That's where the emotion and adrenaline came from, and I realized I had something; I didn't want to fall off from that energy, so I wrote the rest but stayed on the topic of what the first 5 bars had. I wanted to remind people who I was after 2 years of being quiet in the music scene due to my filming two movies for the past few years. This was my wake-up song, and using auto-tune wouldn't cut it. I spoke to the world to let everyone know exactly how I am coming! And I also wanted to inspire people to do the same. Walk in your self-confidence and love yourself enough to make others respect you the way you want to be respected. That's also how I look at life.

Charmaine: Once I heard the initial approach of the track. I listened over and over again to be able to catch the vibe. Rxch and I have worked on a few tracks and grown to know each other's sound. Once I could catch the flow and the cadence, the rest was history. lol. After I laid the first part and heard his verse following it, I was instantly inspired and kept my tempo to balance out what the track was given evenly. It was enjoyable seeing the development unfold.

As you continue to evolve and grow as artists, what themes or topics do you hope to explore in your future music?

Rxch: The journey I'm on now is exciting, and it's hard but worth the rewards I receive every day because I love music. The tools we have today are phenomenal because we can do everything ourselves without having to wait for a label or corporation to give us permission to do something with our crafts. I don't always know what to do or how to do it, but I am learning more and more every day, and if I can become successful off of my hard work, what more extraordinary accomplishment is there in life? To answer your question in short terms, the themes and topics are endless, and I want to explore as many as possible. I'm not stopping at just hip-hop and r&b music; I'm touching rock, pop, and club music in the future because I have the talent for it.

Charmaine: When I craft my music, the beat initially motivates me. I hear a beat, and I tap into the emotion it makes me feel, producing a topic to expound upon. Going into a track, I don't already have a theme prepared. I will listen over and over again to the beat until one arises. In the future, I would like to make more empowering songs and focus on positive and relatable topics. I would like to evolve in delivering these types of tracks as an artist, regardless of the beat I listen to. I would like to bring positivity, passion, and creativity to all my future music.


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