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Ryan Richmond Sparks Flames In New Metal Banger, “Banshee Hellfire”

Coming in hot from Tempe, Arizona, is musician, producer, and guitarist Ryan Richmond. He is scorching the speakers with his hot new single, "Banshee Hellfire."

Richmond, a whiz on the guitar and aiming to become an old 'Kung-Fu master' of the instrument, has released music since 2020, showcasing his near mastery of Metal and Rock. Playing since he was 17 and now releasing a mix of albums and singles, Ryan Richmond is proving himself as an artist to watch in Arizona's Metal and Rock space.

And he's doing just that through hot new singles like his latest, "Banshee Hellfire." While the entire 2 minutes and 7 seconds are instrumental, Ryan Richmond commands our attention with every split second, even without saying a word. His guitar prowess and dexterity are wildly impressive, and we're thrilled to get this powerful sound into your speakers.

Hitting play on "Banshee Hellfire," the experience opens with a quick glimpse of drums, which Richmond has done all the programming for, alongside his hellish electric guitar that melts our faces. As he kicks the song into gear, his rhythmic transitions and panning from left to right through his crunchy guitar licks take this track to the next level.

It doesn't get much better than a song that vibrates your speakers, and that's an understatement when it comes to this bold track. Ryan Richmond has showcased his vast guitar and production skills and impressive ability to capture the listener's attention and keep it throughout an entirely lyricless track. And with today's attention spans, that's not something you see (or hear) daily.

Do yourself a favor and introduce yourself to one of the newest threats in the Metal scene, Ryan Richmond. His latest single, "Banshee Hellfire," is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz, Ryan! We're wildly impressed by the sound and style of your recent single, "Banshee Hellfire." What inspired you to create this powerful, attention-grabbing track? And what inspired its title?

There is a song called AC-130 from the band Attack Attack! That song has always inspired me, and I wanted to make my own kind of song like that, but in my style. I’ve always been attracted to short but sweet bangers. And well, I needed a title that matched the song, and it just so happened to be Halloween time, so I tried to make it hellish and gripping haha

What was your creative process when crafting your guitar riffs, the drum programming, and the song "Banshee Hellfire?"

It started with the opening riff, and I built the song around that. I wanted to make it kind of thrash metal but with breakdowns. That combination allowed me to make the drums as hard and as fast as I possibly could, which is always secretly what I want to do anyway.

Since "Banshee Hellfire" is purely instrumental, how did you ensure your listeners would remain engaged throughout the entire experience?

Doing so many instrumentals has hopefully taught me a lot about keeping songs engaging from start to finish. I don’t quite feel right unless I change something every few measures, whether it’s drums, the way I’m playing a riff, what the bass is doing, or anything else. I know it won’t keep anyone else’s interest if it's not keeping me interested.

What did you want your audience to feel when listening to "Banshee Hellfire"? What feelings or sensations did you want to convey?

I want to give ‘em that Rock ‘n’ Roll feeling! I want to make you feel like you can do anything! Listen to it and work out; listen to it and crush your enemies; go grab that lightning!

What makes "Banshee Hellfire" different from your previous releases? What makes this song stand out to you?

So far, I believe my production on this song is the best I’ve done! The song also really reflects my adrenaline-fueled side. It’s always nice to think about how those two elements came together to make fire.


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