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Rytis Takes Control Over All Our Sensations on his Innovatively Swarthy Debut, 'Da 5 Senxes'

Rytis is the Jamaican-born Rapper who manifests as the sonic cohort of ominously infectious hooks, riffling verses, and innovative tones. He transverses the bordering genres of New-age Hip-hop, and Classic R&B, amalgamating them unitedly over his seven-track Debut, 'Da 5 Senxes'— an intrinsic journey through the ingenious mind of this New-York bar-dispenser.

Over the course of a fifteen-minute runtime, Rytis delivers a concise and compelling tasting of his fresh and cultivated character which renders up a doomy texture over his antagonistic tonality and hefty tenor.

The opener, "Five SenXes mantra Intro," is a New-Age excursion, establishes Rytis's Ominous, slow meandering, and intoxicating textures. It's all found throughout his varying flow as his barred measures penetrate through the minimalistic Hip-hop beat found on this track. The venture picks up mid-way through, turning on the turbo-drive for Rytis and his riffling stanza of scintillating bars, before returning to the Mantra-like incantations of the cryptic-sounding Hook. It's a refreshing take on contemporary Intros designed to festoon the upcoming playthrough of an album's trajectory.

As we slip into the first of three highlighting Anthems found on this record, "The King's Anthem," lays up for a slam dunk with a twinged-out electric that inaugurates the runway for a warbling R&B-reminiscent topline. Here, the melodious hook wreaths this track with a swaggering accent which glides mid-tempo over a meticulously resolute inflection. When Rytis enters the spotlight for his verses, it's an excellent illustration of this Emcee's affluence for toppings his productions with an innovative and back-lit textured versification.

It's a Debut with excellent cohesive flow from one song to the next, minus one outlier that draws an accurate tribute to his heritage, but feels stunted due to the mix's over-saturation with prismatic sonic toys and hooks. Here, on, "Needy Tings," Rytis takes us back to Jamaica's fair-weather shores. This number lands with a Dance-Hall tropical vibe that would have anyone bouncing over the simmering sonics that oozes over the congested verses. It's an endeavor that spins out of control and borders the edges of becoming overwhelming during some of the filtered-out transitional sections, but somehow, still manages to fit into our heart-shaped boxes with ease. This one is definitely an outlier to this album's cohesiveness as a whole, but find a nostalgic place in our Dance-hall adoring cores.

The next anthem to show face on this playback is titled, "The Hater's Anthem," and it renders as a dubious attempt at channeling the touchstones of New-wave cryptics by incorporating veteran Emcee confidence amongst buzzing harmonics that blush over the infatuating Hook. It all culminates in garnishing this second Anthem with its R&B reminiscent vibes. This track stands unsurprising as the second in a three-part trilogy and shines similar to its predecessor's mystifying production.

With only a minute and a half runtime, this Anthem feels short and sweet, leaving a festering afterglow that quickly dissolves as we venture into the next Eponymously titled track, "The Robber's Anthem." On this track, Rytis takes a detour into more lethal territory where our bar-riffler approaches the mic with a hoodlum attitude and the Coup de Main of someone who is finished playing childish games. Our enticing Rapper makes diligent versified maneuvers, describing his cunning steppage as he resounds over the reimagining of a classic nursery rhyme that takes on a much more ominous and hair-raising rendering. There is an Anthem for all listeners on "Da 5 Senxes," and as each dissimilar melody passes, it's clear that the Ochos Rios-bred Rapper has a knack for set-up his dominos in the verses and riffling them down in the chorus. 

"Ryt Ventricle" opens over the nostalgic sounds of waves crashing over sun-bleached shores. It sets the tone for the smooth intoning essence of the melodies found on this track. Rytis still sounds bold and undaunted here, but with a lower-mid-range cinch that oozes from his vocal tonality as he versifies with an effortless breeze. This song is another extension of the closely intertwined tracks found throughout this record that channel the same classic R & B influences by utilizing an indisputably catchy melody in the resounding hooks. He shows veteran affluence when conducting between verse and chorus, letting his collaborators work their magic with their infatuating vocal incantations. 

The last track, "Strive & Go," pulls up with a Lo-fi backbeat that molds together with its title by way of slicing any doubts one might have in this Emcee's ability to exudes disarraying bars with the proficiency of a weapon designed for mass destruction—his Emcee flow.

When we think back, it's undeniable that Rytis is onto something consequential as 'Da 5 Senxes,' takes command over our senses for a brief fifteen-minute interlude—rescuing us from the modern chaos we live in.


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