Saamoh Curates A Song We Can All Relate To: "Money on My Mind"

Saamoh is a fresh new rap artist contributing some heavy-hitting music to the music scene! We were instantly connected with the pulsating tempo of Saamoh's tracks, and stunned with the forceful vocal delivery on his part. Although being a relatively new artist, Saamoh is definitively authentic in his creations, and we appreciate the music and message he's trying to put out there within his music!

"Money on My Mind" is a new release from Saamoh, and the track definitely acquires a more aggressive and hard-hitting production. Saamoh delivers a vocal performance that is exclusive to him as an artist--definitely a more harsh execution, fully enclosing the overall assertive tone of the track. Saamoh makes sure that your heart is beating, and it's beating fast, when listening to "Money on My Mind". As an up-and-coming rap artist, Saamoh is definitely creating tracks that are glorified well in the current rap environment, but also still maintaining that contemporary take. We undoubtedly know Saamoh will always keep us intrigued on his unique musical offerings, and we have to say we're fascinated to see what he will release next!

Be sure to discover Saamoh's track "Money on My Mind" here!


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