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Sad Son Says What We're All Thinking "Every Time"

Perseverance, from the depths of depression to the daybreak, is experienced when one finally breaks through. This is what drives Sad Son.

Singer Will Bragunier's unfeigned lyrics are rooted in his transformation from a chronically depressed teenager with a guitar to a thriving artist leading the happiest, healthiest life he has yet lived. Naturally, Sad Son's message is one of hope. Aspiring to instill hope in the hopeless and belonging in the lonely, Sad Son sets out to help others the way, so many bands have helped the band's creator.

Definitively embracing a Pop Punk universe in the depths of Sad Son's most recent single, "Every Time," you're immediately feeling the power prevail from the chic, polished essence that trickles into a full-throttle display of angst raging from the progressions. "Every Time" has you gravitating towards the meandering exploration of the upheaval of guitar riffs and a jiving bass line that instantly pulls you into a nostalgic state of early 2000's Rock tunes.

The momentum that carries this track in one fell swoop has you greeting the way your head bops to the tempo of the perfect times drum hits as they ricochet through the speakers in an enormous manner. Lyrically intertwining the songwriting with the musical arrangement, the lyrical motif hypnotically spun into the chorus stands bright in its unapologetic manner. "Last night, you looked me in the eyes and told me all about how I ruined your life. But, I don't think that I can be the one to blame when you gave up every time."

Hearing those introspective words being conveyed by Will Bragunier signifies the vulnerability that he is unafraid to explore as he reminisces on the emotions that have left him haunted. Adding an upbeat essence to portray the buoyant factors of moving on, Sad Son will have you know that they won't be acknowledging the whoa is me storyline you put out for bait.

We love your latest track, “Every Time.” It was the perfect blend of in-your-face charisma as you stand your ground in the messaging. What inspired you to take this situation and put it into the song that we hear?

Every Time," that was written about those relationships where you break up and get back together whenever one of you gets drunk and sends a late "you up?" text. And inevitably break up again just a week later. One of my friends had been going through this cycle. It was turning into a pretty toxic situation where they would get back together and break up every two weeks. I had experienced a similar relationship about two years before and being empathetic to their situation put me in a place to write the song.

Could you please share a glimpse of the creative process endured when bringing this track to life? How did each member of Sad Son contribute to the desired sound of “Every Time,” that we hear and love?

I was sitting in my living room with an acoustic guitar and the melody for the chorus just popped in my head. From there the entire song flowed out of me in just a few minutes. I sent a demo over to the producers (100 Watt Studios in Charleston, SC), Aneel de Albuquerque (guitar & bass), and Devin Vaughan (drums). They then invited me to come in and record the single. Devin and Aneel are some of the most talented musicians I have ever met, so it was a pleasure getting to write with them. We went into the live room, played through the song twice, and Devin tracked the drums. From there, the song just came together. By the end of the day, we had a Single that I was super proud of. I then came back a few weeks later and we started tracking the rest of the record. The way they helped bring these ideas to life was almost magical.

With musical inspirations such as Good Charlotte, Senses Fail, and Fall Out Boy, how do you allow their sound and message to influence the music that you create as a collective?

I grew up listening to early 2000's emo/pop-punk bands. Being from Southern Maryland/Good Charlotte's hometown, everyone was all about that band. The first album I ever bought was Take This to Your Grave by Fall Out Boy, and my older sister's friend introduced me to Senses Fail. I think those bands really shaped my taste in music and led me to some of my biggest influences like The Starting Line, The Wonder Years, and The Menzingers. I think I connected with those bands because their songs always conveyed a message of hope. The way they talked about the harder things in life made me feel like I was not alone. In my own writing, I like music to be fast, loud, catchy hooks, and meaningful lyrics. If I help one other person with my songs the way those bands helped me, I will consider this project a success.

What is the main message that you want your listeners to take away from the meaning behind “Every Time?"

If you are in a bad relationship that seems like it is not working out, just leave. It is easier to rip the band-aid off than to drag it out. You never know what else is waiting for you around the corner.

What's next for you?

With the record out, I am really looking forward to the chance to play it in front of people (when things are safe). A music video will be coming out here shortly and hopefully a tour or two towards the end of the year. I have already written most of the next record and want to release it in early 2022.



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