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SadBoyPete Will Evoke Emotion With New Song "Alone"

An auto-tune enthusiast and future songbird, SadBoyPete is a artist on the rise from Delaware. He is a artist that doesn’t aim to inform but rather aims to evoke emotion. SadBoyPete wants you to feel something after listening to his music. With catchy hooks and clever songwriting he paints a picture of his own personal pain he feels many can relate too. SadBoyPete showcases his frustration through vulnerable rap. The release of his single “Alone” depicts his unguarded sentiments and unprotected emotions with a trendy auto-tune vocal resonance riding the bass and beat perfectly. “Alone” is an idiosyncratic rap record that holds its own in a world of congested and overcrowded hip hop music that seems to discuss the same topics, without having a authentic story that’s personable to the listeners. The listeners can not only understand the meaning of the song but understand the meaning of the artist. It’s a special trait that SadBoyPete has to uncover his own personal layers for his fans and for his listeners. It shows you the true character of SadBoyPete behind the fancy tune.

Listen to "Alone" here and check out our exclusive interview below.

Hi Pete! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey BuzzMusic readers, I’m SadBoyPete, auto-tune enthusiast and future song bird. I appreciate you checking out my music and feel you’ll be able to relate to it. 

Why did you decide to name yourself “SadBoyPete”?

I’ve had so many names lol ( I’m gonna try to list them) Kid Crack, Archie Waterbeds, Just.Pete, finally SadBoyPete. I was going through some personal stuff and at the same time linked up with some guys locally in Wilmington, De who are all super talented. I used to care more about “bars” and being clever but once linking with @Sqwalla(dope artist check him out on Instagram) and @nabidd(great producer and engineer check him out on Instagram) I really started to vibe with the sound coming out of their studio. I felt it more, and adapted my style. With that came a bunch of vulnerable music and SadBoyPete felt right. 

Do you draw most of your inspiration for your songwriting from your own personal life experiences?

Yes!! Being yourself is the most important aspect of being a musician and something I take great pride in. I’m always true to myself. It’s common in music to try and be something you’re not, I know because It took me a long time to be true to myself. 

You have an incredible way of showcasing emotion! How do you channel yourself into your music??

This is a story I’ve told 1000 times. In the summer of 2018 at our third session, @nabidd told me to “stop trying to inform people and make them feel something.” That resonated with me and helped me channel my emotion. I was having a tough year, health issues, tired of my corporate job, frustrated with a lot of different things. With the advice from Nabidd and my own personal frustration I was able to channel my emotion into my songs. 

Do you produce your own tracks?

No my producers are @nabidd @homegrown302 @drewfinessse. Those are their Instagram handles. @nabidd is the engineer. All these guys are stupid fucking talented and I give them a lot of the credit for my sound. 

What advice do you have for other upcoming artists?

Be your self. Allow yourself to be inspired but don’t try to be anything your not. Also don’t rip beats off YouTube find a quality producer. Songs shouldn’t be more than 2:30 in my opinion. Find a catchy hook and go from there, if you have a good hook the verses will write themselves. 


Connect with SadBoyPete on social media:


Twitter: @_sadboypete_ 


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