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Sade Fatima Doesn’t Hold Back In Her Debut Single, “Hate You”

Hailing from New York, r&b/soul recording artist and singer-songwriter Sade Fatima shares a vulnerable side in her sincere debut single, "Hate You."

Sade Fatima's sultry mix of r&b and soul is a sonically delicious listening experience. She's passionate about the sound and evolution of r&b and while delivering "music that heals you and makes you feel something," said the New York-based artist. Not to mention her love for poetry, Fatima only recently jumped into her musical craft to share her gifts with the world.

Now releasing her anticipated debut single, "Hate You," Sade Fatima delivers a sweet, soulful, and intimate r&b listening experience reminiscent of acts like Summer Walker, Ashanti, and Alicia Keys. It's a vulnerable showcase of emotions where Fatima expresses her past pains in a relationship and the turbulent emotions she's dealing with.

Diving deeper into the new single, "Hate You," we're met with smooth r&b keys and a voicemail-esque message from Sade Fatima, opening up about her distaste for someone from the past. As we float into the verse, she blesses us with sweet reverbed vocals and intimate lyrics that are bound to strike a relatable chord in listeners.

The production's gentle and delicate nature makes the song all the more emotional, and Sade Fatima's lyrics feel like they were pulled straight from her diary. She has no problem being open with the listener in order to form that deeper connection, and it's quite an impressive feat for an artist's debut single.

When you can't shake the lingering emotions from past love, let your heart be heard with Sade Fatima's debut single, "Hate You," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sade Fatima. Congratulations on releasing your intimate debut single, "Hate You." Why did you choose this particular song as your big debut? How does it help listeners get to know you?

I chose this song as my big debut because it was actually the first song that I’ve ever felt comfortable sharing. I’ve never shared my art or my feelings that much. It just felt complete and like it was something that I wanted to free myself of. I guess it shows that I’m not afraid to show feelings that are kind of taboo, like hating someone and dealing with pain in a not-so-healthy way. Listeners can always count on me to be vulnerable and express what I’m truly feeling, no matter how crazy I may look. I always knew I wanted to sing just didn’t know where to start. This was me starting.

What inspired the deeply emotional and vulnerable lyrical content within your new single, "Hate You?" What moments brought this song to life?

The inspiration was actually a bottling of emotions towards a certain someone. I felt lost and taken advantage of. It’s like someone changing on you that you thought would never and just coming to the realization that sometimes ppl change over things that you don’t even find that important.

What was your songwriting process like for "Hate You"? What was your experience being so vulnerable and open when making this song?

It was suddenly just like everything I write. I just found an instrumental that resonated, and a few minutes later, I was done. It just flowed to me. I’ve been writing poetry for so long, so the poems are there but writing to the music was me trying something new.

How do you hope your audience reacts and feels when hearing "Hate You?" What do you want them to take away?

I hope that it’s a safe space for them and for me. I hope they can cry, scream, sing.. whatever, just feel it and flow, and also know that they aren’t alone. Art should make you feel things, and that’s all I ever wanna do. Just spark a little healing.

What's next for you?

What’s next for me is tough. I wanna just to keep pushing my art and get better with my pen game, and hopefully, just get out there more. God willing. I have a few songs I’ve already written that I want to piece together on a very special project and an idea that I have sitting in the vault.


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