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SAER Channels In The Emotion For His Single “Break”

SAER is the newly formed musical project from vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Simon Davies. Born in the UK, SAER found his niche in music through his father's esoteric record collection, that included artists like Maxime Le Forestier and Jake Thackray. Introduced at an early age to iconic vocalists such as Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley, SAER channels these influences through his modern-day appreciation for Susanne Sundfør, Michael Nyman and Chilly Gonzales to create his own soulful music in 2019.

SAER released the highly extensive and atmospheric record “Break”. The cinematic production and theatrical motion of the music creates an augmented vibe filled with emotional dramatics with a romantic touch. “Break” ironically breaks down the barriers between the listener and the music to create a more vulnerable appeal while listening. “Break” is highly passionate with its lyrical sensibility. The vocals are CHILLING and brought goosebumps onto my body. “Break” is not like a song you’ve heard before, you become lost within the music. The entire song abducts you into the hazy and dream-like setting of the music. It’s highly cinematic and it’s why I’m a fan of it. “Break” has a way of touching on the listener’s repressed feelings they keep buried inside. For that reason, I was able to connote the possible theme of this record being about breaking down the chains, and freedom. This song was beautiful, intricate, complex, and all around a textured hit. You fall in love from the instant you hear it to the instant it ends. This is a song like no other!

Listen to "Break" here and get to know more about SAER below!

Hello SAER, can you tell your new fans a little about yourself and your music?

I’m a UK based singer-songwriter, multi instrumentalist and producer. My music is a blend between experimental-pop and electronica. 

“Break” had a highly theatrical approach and feel. Could you describe your creative process?

I wrote and produced ‘Break’ in my studio at home. The track came together really quickly. I had a strong idea of what the feel should be so spent time exploring and designing sounds to add the right emotion and style. The exploration into more electronic sounds has been an exciting one as it means I can match it with layered vocals to make the soundscapes.

Tell us the meaning behind “Break”?

‘Break’ was written about a need of getting away from routine, escaping the rat race and seeking some solace. It came from a place of knowing that you can’t keep everyone happy and the guilt from that won’t help in moving forward. ‘Break’ speaks of making new plans and finding a way home, more in an emotional and mental capacity than physical. 

What were the emotions you felt while writing “Break”?

There’s a real feel of being pushed to your limit, so almost that feeling of breaking point and despair. But then empowerment through making a stance, seeking a change and making things right.

What do you hope to be remembered for by your listeners and fans?

Just to share that emotive connection with the song and to hopefully feel empowered. 


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