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Safia Elaina Releases Alluring New Single “Come, My Little Angel”

Safia Elaina is an alternative dark/ indie pop artist from Pontiac, Michigan. At only 19 years old, her artistic creations are astonishing beyond her years. Her unique tone and style set her apart from other pop artists. If you’re willing to explore her world of dreamy and dreary pop music, then her new single is perfect for you.

Because of her fascination with all things girly and ghastly, her creativity flares and is evident in her new single “Come, My Little Angel”. This single takes you to a dreamy alternate dimension. Safia Elaina’s voice gives me serious ASMR vibes. I’m completely entranced by this track! “Come, My Little Angel” is an eloquently experimental indie pop treasure. Layered with Safia’s haunting vocals and eclectic lyrics this song really shows off her individualism and style. She flirts with the darker side of the mainstream pop music scene. The eerie accordion and echoing orchestral samples add to the dreary and riveting sound. Her vocals carry like ghostly whispers; they’re practically ethereal. The Ominous tone carries the song as Safia occupies the same elegiac register. Her tone is unnerving, and her words are spellbound. Throughout the song I’m hypnotized by her skilled lyricism and I can’t wait to hear what else is to come from Safia Elaina!

Listen to “Come, My Little Angel” here and get to know more about Safia Elaina below!

Hi Safia! Can you start by telling us more about yourself and your upbringing?

Sure! I'm a small town town artist in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan who just loves to create art. I've been creative since I was super young from drawing and singing to now producing all my music. I started producing because I was way too impatient to save up some money to go to a music studio and because I wasn't really allowed to go to the studios since my parents didn't really want me to go into music. Nevertheless, I decided to go ahead and get to learning how to produce music on my laptop and just make all my music in my bedroom. Now, at 19, I'm trying to hop out of my shell a little bit and see what happens if I really start trying to put myself out there.

What inspired you to start writing songs and creating this music?

Well, I started writing poetry at around 15 years old after learning about Emily Dickinson and as time passed on, the poems seemed a lot more like lyrics to me. A little while after I finally decided to learn how to play the guitar. The music I make is largely inspired by fairytales like Alice in Wonderland, gothic and vintage poetry, Surrealist foreign films like Valerie and Her Week of Wonders and Sedmikrasky (Daisies), fashion shows, photography, paintings and words that aren't typically used. As well as my daydreams and troubling thoughts. 

What is the meaning behind your single, “Come, My Little Angel”?

"Come, My Little Angel" is a small story about control. Behind the compliments like "angel" are actually threats. The first verse is all about the attempts at looking nice and being kind while also saying something along the lines of "I could snap you in two but I won't. Just know I could do it." At the end, it finally, notes of how many lies and half truths have been weaved in to the narrative. The pre-chorus is when the veil starts to be lifted a little bit and to the protagonist the only ones that seem to make sense are those who are being wrongly accused of being  "freak shows". The chorus are the orders that must be followed and the bride is more a metaphor for the wedding ring which acts as a chain to this person. While keeping "the dolls glass-eyed" is akin to hiding the truth.  Lastly, at the bridge, we can see that the sinister secrets of this person are starting to leak out but before they do the chorus comes back in a desperate attempt to keep control of the protagonist. 

What artists inspire you?

Tierra Whack, My Chemical Romance, Nicole Dollanganger, Danny Elfman, Grimes, Lil Peep, Mark Ryden, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Simona Candini, Lana Del Rey and Marina and the Diamonds. 

Will you be releasing a full EP in the near future?

Yes, It'll be called Mellifluous Rage Part 1 and it's coming out April 26th! Part 2 will come out later on in the summer. 


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