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Sahati Can Make "anything," In Her Mind Come True

From Kosovo to Toronto, 18-year-old recording artist, producer, and raw singer-songwriter Sahati graces the ears with a relatable, softly angst-ridden single, "anything."

Sahati began turning heads when she had the chance to open for Miley Cyrus at Sunny Hill Festival. Now, the young singer-songwriter returns with new singles, international multi-language collaborations, and her debut EP, 'post-kid.' Her music mainly ranges between new-wave, grrrl-riot punk, and alternative in Albanian and English.

The multi-instrumentalist recently dropped a heart-string-tugging new single, "anything," alongside a picturesque wanderer-esque music video. The visual sees Sahati roaming the cold Toronto streets navigating through life's peaks and valleys all in her head. In fact, she can make just about "anything" in her head.

This anthem for post-kid overthinking opens with soft and gentle electric guitar melodies muffled in watery sounds to soothe the minds and souls of any listener. As a brighter electric guitar begins plucking its way through the first verse, Sahati makes her vocal appearance and floats down with silky-smooth melodies.

Before we know it, a groovy and alternative mid-tempo dream beat smashes through our speakers while Sahati keeps her cool and serenades us with her relatable words that depict her mind's perpetual noise.

This song is incredibly dynamic; it serves a relief-bearing drum arrangement alongside Sahati's cathartic and dreamy vocals to balance out the experience. We appreciate the youthful vibe Sahati brings to the music scene, but a sense of maturity is quite impressive and noteworthy.

Do yourself a favor and get to know an artist you'll never forget with Sahati's new single, "anything," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sahati. We were honestly speechless after listening to your relatable and dynamic new single, "anything." What moments inspired you to write this piece?

Thank you so much. Honestly, "anything" was created to release a buildup of emotional tension. I was 17, just moved to another continent by myself, decided to pursue music full-time while also getting a degree, and still felt like I wasn't doing enough. It felt weird to be constantly working yet still feel unproductive. I know a lot of us to compare ourselves to people on social media who preach about maximal productivity, waking up at 5 AM, and using every second efficiently. It's so stress-inducing. Where's the fun in that? "anything" was my way of coming to terms with the fact that I'm never going to do it all, and that's okay because I want to take my time and appreciate the things I do end up doing. As for the rest, I can just imagine it in my head.

Speaking of your songwriting process for "anything," was it easy for you to transform your thoughts into emotions? Was this experience rather straightforward?

Ohh yea! I was kicking my feet in the air after finishing the lyrics because it was the first time I experienced words just writing themselves through me. I deleted all of my social media for a few weeks, and that really allowed me to stop feeling like I had to write things that others would approve of. I screamed, cried, and laughed so much while working on the "post-kid" songs. The instrumentals for this I had been working on for a while, and once I went back home to Kosovo, I showed it to the talented Drin Tashi of Sytë band, and we finished producing the track together.

How does the music video for "anything" emphasize the song's meaning? Was it meant to represent that you can keep yourself entertained with such a busy mind?

Yeah, that's definitely part of it. I really wanted to capture the journey of coming to terms with something – at first, you're scared, hesitant, but then you let it go, and it's not even that bad. Also, I just love dancing in a way that's just letting your limbs move however they want to, even if it's not pretty. I'm over the whole worrying about how it looks thing. Dancing is supposed to be an expression of what you're feeling, and my feelings aren't always beautiful, so why should my expression of it be? My mom likes it anyways, so that's all that matters to me, haha.

Should we expect to hear "anything" on your upcoming debut EP' post-kid?' What else should we expect from that project?

Yes, definitely. It's the opening track for the EP, and it serves as the first dive into my head. Every song represents a different stage in my life, so there's a whole variety of genres that I think people with different music tastes can enjoy. There are also music videos coming out during the entirety of summer, which I'm so excited for as the recordings take place in Toronto, Montreal, and Europe as well. I just want people to have fun with it – put your headphones on, go to a room where you're alone, and vibe to it. Allow it to take you where it does.

What's next for you?

Music is definitely my focus, but music to me is also visuals, poetry, and films, so I am constantly trying to connect it with different mediums. I didn't grow up seeing any female drummers or music producers in Kosovo, and that left me with a lot of doubt when starting out. I want to make my artistic growth journey a bit more public, so young girls or anyone who is just starting out can have access to that process and realize that it's a learning curve. I think it's really important to show the "boring" parts of an artist's life, a Murakami-inspired vision that I hope to achieve and turn into something beautiful. Also got lots of upcoming shows and super sick collaborations with artists, which I will be sharing the behind-the-scenes of on my socials, so you should definitely join me on this journey!

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