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Sail Through The Vibes Of Will Power’s New EP, ‘Distant Love’

Showing us his energy, morale, and dedication is r&b/pop recording artist and singer-songwriter Will Power with his atmospheric and personal 5-track EP, 'Distant Love.'

Constantly reminding listeners that anything can be achieved with hard work, confidence, and energy, Will Power personifies the concept of willpower with each release. Coining the term, "Where there's a will, there's a way—and there's always a way with willpower," the passionate recording artist shows us what confidence and dedication get you in a new refreshing EP, 'Distant Love.'

Produced, written, and arranged himself, Will Power's EP opens with the introductory and title track, "Distant Love," setting the scene with tender r&b keys that lead us into a groovy, downtempo, and blissful sonic arrangement. As Will Power's smooth and airy vocals float down from above, he begins expanding on knowing his soulmate is out there while yearning to find them. This song perfectly opens this atmospheric EP with incredibly serene and dreamy vibes that romanticize relationships and finding your perfect match.

Continuing the same smooth r&b sound is the EP's second track, "All Mine," kicking off with chime-like keys and heavy, downtempo drums while Will Power looks forward to singing r&b with someone special later that night. Onto the catchy hook, the melodic piano makes a subtle appearance while Will Power continues to relish his happiness with finally finding the person of his dreams. Will Power's ghostly and breath-heavy harmonies in this track amplify the passionate and emotional experience that overcomes us when we realize we've found our soulmate.

Pumping up the party is the third track, "Let's Get Lost Tonight," which showcases Will Power's pop influence through a nostalgic synthpop lens, similar to the ecstatic listening experience of The Weeknd's 'Dawn FM.' Once the entire electronic drums and synths make their way in, Will Power transports us into this beaming and vibrant space that leaves us in search of a lively night out. Each song on the EP thus far has had deftly-catchy hooks, and we're sure any listener will be able to let loose and leave their stress at the door when spinning this animated tune.

Moving over the EP's halfway point with the fourth track, "The Way You Give It To Me," Will Power continues those upbeat electronic vibes through the song's energetic drum arrangements and soft piano melodies. While vocalizing how he loves the way someone loves, Will Power leads us through a toe-tapping hook that keeps the groove alive but more relaxed and composed. His tender and harmonious vocals give the song added emotional depth to enhance the passionate theme of devoting yourself to someone's love for the rest of time.

Leaving us with a high-energy, thrilling bop is the EP's last track, "Get This Love," which bursts open with the grooviest electronic basslines, neat vocal samples, and upbeat drum breaks. Only within thirty seconds of this banger, Will Power gives us so much to listen to, from the cohesive and colorful production to his charismatic vocals that playfully invite someone to "Get This Love." This is another track reminiscent of the 80s synthpop that keeps us on our feet and ready to hit the dancefloor. Will Power continues his exhilarating performance and leaves us hooked with such confidence and passion that's impossible to ignore.

Expect the unexpected and more when hitting play on Will Power's new conceptual and dynamic 5-track EP, 'Distant Love,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Will Power. You've truly left us captivated with your passionate, personal, and conceptual new EP, 'Distant Love.' What inspired you to create this profoundly dynamic project?

After reviewing my previous EP "Closer" from 2020, I wanted to go in the opposite direction and speak about a love that's more "Distant." I had the honor to hear the melody for "Distant Love" in a dream and recorded what I remembered when I woke up. From there, the project came to life. I drew from my experiences with love, loss, pain, bad relationships, and good relationships to put together themes and lyrics that people could hopefully relate to.

The tracklist order for 'Distant Love' seems to follow the experience of yearning for love and finally finding it. Was this the concept or theme you wanted to get across to your audience?

You hit the nail on the head! Although the entire story wasn't apparent to me when I first started working on the project... I believe my songwriting was ahead of my own consciousness. I wanted to make each song as relatable to the listener as possible, and I had them in mind for each track. I wanted to musically speak to listeners who have never been loved properly, listeners who want to be loved, and listeners with a lot of love to give!

Seeing that you created the entire 'Distant Love' EP yourself, what did that creative process look like? Did you begin by writing some lyrics or playing around with production?

The creative process for the Distant Love EP was pretty smooth for me. I heard most of the hooks in my head, and from there, I would simply build the production around what was already playing in my head! I didn't write down lyrics for any of the songs until they were finished. I sang each lyric from my soul, and when you keep it real and sing what you truly feel, it usually comes naturally.

Did you have any artistic influences or projects in mind when creating the vibe and sound of 'Distant Love?'

The opening track, "Distant Love," instantly put me into a Michael Jackson zone when I started singing the first verse. It felt like something he would have done during the "Invincible" era in the early 2000s. I also revisited and studied 70s music before I started working on Distant Love, and I fell in love with Disco productions. Naturally, I felt like bringing some of that magic to this EP wouldn't hurt. Songs like "Let's Get Lost Tonight," "The Way You Give it to Me," and "Get This Love" all borrow elements of Disco in their productions. I recorded a Home Concert to this EP and added extra vocals to fuse Hip-Hop vocals with the Pop/Disco/R&B vocals. It's now on my YouTube channel and my favorite video I've ever made.

Do you have a favorite song from 'Distant Love'? Why does that song speak to you the most?

My favorite song from the Distant Love EP would definitely be "All Mine." I feel like it's a true sleeper hit. I took many risks on that track and came up with many transitions with the background vocals and ad-libs. I wanted to make a unique R&B ballad that showcased a vocal power I had never shown before. The hook is very simple, and the theme is also very simple: It feels so good to know you're all mine! Yet the song itself is very intricate. This is my absolute favorite production and vocal performance I've released so far... and yet I'm just getting started!

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