SAINT CONO Released His Long-Awaited Single “Feelin’ I Got”

Electronic-Pop vocalist SAINT CONO has followed up his top 2019 tracks “Your Body” and “Escape”, with his highly anticipated single “Feelin’ I Got”. Performing across New York City’s most iconic venues like; The Bowery Electric, Pianos, and Union Pool, SAINT CONO is bringing retro soundscape pop production to a compelling new level. While also making his way on WaveCave Sessions and Southern Italy’s premiere radio station “Radio Alfa Live”. With a unique voice and desire for musical exploration, it’s difficult not to want to work with him. Artist/producer Katmaz stated, “I'm able to attempt new techniques and push my boundaries within the production of a track”.

SAINT CONO had a vision of creating a feel-good retro-inspired track with electronic soundscapes, and he’s done exactly that. His clear and bright vocals serve a beautiful message clearly, with minimal electronic effects on his voice creating an authentic piece of music. The songs' production depicts imagery of a warm sunny day, enhanced by enchanting synth piano keys overtop an incredibly catchy pop drumbeat. While also incorporating sounds of motivating plucky guitars, “Feelin’ I Got” has sparked a feeling in us to add it to our playlists.

Listen to “Feelin’ I Got” here.

Hey Saint Cono, welcome to BuzzMusic! We were totally captivated by your vocals and sonic emotion. Could you share with us some of the inspiration behind your single “Feelin’ I Got”?
 "Feelin, I Got" is a feel-good pop track about the electric and effortless connection of new found love. I wanted the musical elements of the track to deliver an instant ‘happy and in love’ feeling. I wanted listeners to be filled with nothing but good vibes when they hear to this song - the same way we feel when love hits us - it’s instant and addictive. 
 People you’ve worked with noted your broad variety of music taste is, and your need for musical exploration. What are some of your favorite genres?
 I'm a huge lover of RnB, pop, 80’s, disco, and electronic dance. “Feelin’ I Got” has beautiful electric production backing up your vocals. Do you have a producer? Or did you produce the song as well? Katmaz (who is featured on the track) and Braden Blair, brought the track to life, production-wise. During the studio sessions when creating this track, I would be humming melodies while Katmaz was creating the sounds. In parallel, Braden Blair threw his flair, like a layer. What is so special is that Katmaz and Braden Blair are homies, so it's a real family affair that exists during the studio sessions. Both Katmaz and Braden Blair bring some real innovation that helps create a hot sound. Instagram handle of Katmaz and Braden Blair - @katmazmusic @bradenthegreat You’ve performed a great number of shows across New York City. Is there any talk of future shows or an upcoming tour for you?

 I will be performing some upcoming shows in NYC this spring and heading out to Europe come May for some performances. I am extremely excited to be showcasing our work and connecting with fans - old and new! What can fans from you next?

 Currently, we're in the studio working on new music that I will be releasing this Spring, in addition to a couple of collaborations with some brilliant artists (which I'm not allowed to talk about yet!). The new music will span the spectrum of RnB, EDM, classic disco and pop - I AM SO EXCITED!