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Saint James Jr. Takes His Artistic Skills to Another Level on, "Writer on the Rise"

Hailing from the Eastside of Indianapolis, Marcus Allen Thomas, professionally known as Saint James Jr., resides as a multi-talented poet, writer, author, and designer. His journey has taken him through interning in fashion for Adidas Entertainment and Marketing to now standing on stage with his mentor Lenny S, and music mogul, DJ Khaled.

Illustrating vivid images through his most recent release, “Writer on the Rise,” Saint James Jr. uses a nostalgic tonal distinction in his vocal delivery to bridge the gap between old school Hip-hop and the modern wave that is dominating this generation. The smooth like butter execution of the lyrical dexterousness flaunted in his cadences offer texture to a musical piece about the grind and come up as a creative in the music industry.

There’s something so effortless in the way that the mid-tempo, laid-back instrumentation floats upon your mind with ease. Golden saxophone notes dazzle in the background components while ever-changing production has you sitting on the edge of your seat as you take this piece in, you can’t help but have your head high in the cloud as you feel the atmospheric essence seep through the clear and present execution of the verse that Saint James Jr. lays down.

As we reflect on our own journeys, Saint James Jr. allows his wisely fashioned lyrics to be relatable to all of his listeners. He offers his listeners the gift of storytelling. You can hear his poetic roots shine through each word penned as he dangles his artistic talents in front of us. Eagerly awaiting what is next to come for this artist, we have “Writer on the Rise,” on repeat for the hundredth time.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Saint James Jr., and congratulations on the release of, “Writer on the Rise.” What moment or story inspired the creation of this song?

Thank you! I appreciate the opportunity. With 2020 being such a challenging year, I allowed myself some time to reflect & ascend mentally as an artist. In that time of gaining foundation, I was inspired to create “Writer on the Rise”. Pausing & allowing myself to see my growth from writing poems, to now reciting them on a beat.

Could you please take us into what it was like sharing a stage with Lenny S and DJ Khaled? That’s what dreams are made of!

Well, I wouldn’t call it sharing a stage. DJ Khaled is a mogul & Lenny S is the best in the industry, I was more taking notes and observing. To be on the stage with them is an honor & dream, but the true keys and knowledge I gained were behind the scenes. Observing how Khaled uplifted his team and gave back, to meetings & music videos. As a mentor, Lenny showed me everything. From the marketing to the relentless mindset of being the best. To this day I go to him for advice & I value his opinion. In the process, I learned that I needed to create my own wave & with the knowledge given build something of my own. Furthermore, the goal remains the same; I’m coming for that Rocafella chain & it might sound a bit brash but I was taught to be the best in all aspects by the greatest in the music industry.

Do you have any memorable moments that you can share with us about the creation of, “Writer on the Rise?"

The most notable moment creating Writer on the Rise was writing the piece with my older brother (William C. Thomas Jr.). My goal was to help get his first writing credit. I needed a hook & within an hour we created it together. I know my parents are proud especially my father because he always wanted to be an Artist. That feeling to see my brother’s dream come true as a writer meant everything to me, and indeed made this piece personally memorable.

With numerous talents in the arts, how is creating music different than your other talents?

Art is a language. A different form of dialogue. For example, when I paint a picture, the message you get from it can be perceived as different from what I’m trying to present on the canvas. With music, in a digital space, my message is more clear. I’m telling you an exact story of how I see the world in my eyes.

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so?

2020 has inspired me to use my voice & make everything I do meaningful. The fact that I was able to finish five pieces in a matter of 6 months is impactful. Each piece meaningful: either it’s for social justice or it’s to uplift my community, I used my voice for change. That’s the advice I’d give any artist is to create & build a movement based on change. My favorite quote from Jay Z is from the New York Times article with Dean Baquet, “Until everyone's free, no one's free” and I hope in my music I can relay that message in my own way.

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