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Saint Joshua Goes Through The “Love Game”

Saint Joshua is making waves in the music industry, having just sold out his debut headline show. Hailing from Croydon, the soulful artist draws inspiration from the likes of D’Angelo, Frank Ocean, and Solange. His love songs are rich in harmonies and have a cinematic quality that is hard to ignore.

Making strides since launching in March 2021 with his debut self-released single "I Like" from his self-penned bedroom EP, "Pilot" (July), Saint has gained support from national and regional press and radio, including Atwood, Wonderland, Rollacoaster, and 1883 Magazine, with plays from BBC Introducing South. In May 2022, he released his second EP, "EP2," with singles "Fake Friends," "Stuck On You," and his most successful single to date, "Palo Santo,"

Saint continues to bless us by gearing up to release four timelessly filmed Live Session videos featuring songs from his EP3. The videos will be released on February 10th, with the love-infused single "Love Game" being the first. The videos will continue to be released until the end of April, culminating in the release of EP3 LIVE. The Live Session videos were filmed at the famous Bush Hall in December 2022 and directed by Crooked House Productions. They will accompany the release of the four singles and their live versions.

Co-written by Saint Joshua and Adam Kaye of Bondax fame, "Love Game" is the last song written for EP3, representing the project perfectly. Saint Joshua explained that he wrote about his jaded view on dating and how we all feed into it. Soulful, rhythmic and cinematic are some words that describe the essence of "Love Game"

At the core of "Love Game," Saint candidly expresses his disillusionment with dating and relationships. He sings about how we all feed into the "game" of love, even when we know it's not always genuine or fulfilling. The lyrics are raw and honest, capturing the complexity of modern romance in a way that's both relatable and painful.

With its smooth and infectious beats, "Love Game" is a prime example of Saint Joshua's ability to seamlessly blend his voice into the instruments like melted chocolate, resulting in a smokey and captivating sound. The track features a rich tapestry of different sounds, with each layer carefully woven together to create an intricate and immersive musical experience.

"Love Game" is a testament to Saint Joshua's talent as a songwriter and performer. With its captivating sound and powerful message, the song will leave a lasting impression on listeners and cement Saint Joshua's status as a rising star in the music industry.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Saint Joshua! Blessings to you and the new drop, "Love Game," which is a beautiful and introspective track. Can you walk us through the creative process behind writing such a personal song?

Thanks! I worked with Baz Kaye on this record. We shared our love for old-school soul music when we first met, so it felt natural to make this with him. Creatively, I’m always looking to find ways to be as honest as possible. I have a note on my phone with short thoughts I add sporadically (almost like a tweet but not on Twitter) and remember scrolling through it as I listened to the track and saw one I wrote about dating and built the song from there!

The lyrics of Love Game reflect your jaded view on dating. Has writing this song and sharing your perspective on love and relationships been therapeutic for you?

Ha! Yes, and for many of my friends telling me that I need to go to therapy. It’s funny because now, as I navigate through life, I hear certain songs of mine in my head that fit the scenario that I’m going through, which either means that I’m a) I’m writing the soundtrack to my life and b) I keep doing the same rubbish over and over again!

Love Game is the final track on EP3, with its LIVE version being the first off the LIVE EP…'ve mentioned that it represents the project perfectly. Can you explain how Love Game ties together the themes and sounds of the EP?

It was the final track I recorded for the EP, and it almost felt like a lightbulb moment when it was done. Each song on the EP is about some form of trouble or misalignment in dating, and ‘Love Game’ looks at it holistically and then throws it in the bin. It’s perfect (LOL).

The release also comes with the 1st of 4 beautifully shot Live videos you just dropped. Can you tell us more about them and the idea behind them?

I’ve had some of the songs from EP3 for a while, so I’ve performed them all around town! I’ve loved witnessing how the songs have evolved over time since the studio versions were recorded, especially the emotion that I perform the songs with, feeling different. So, I wanted to capture that and share it with my audience. I love every bit of performing live, right down to the imperfections.

You draw inspiration from artists like Frank Ocean, Solange, and D'Angelo. How do these influences manifest in "Love Game," and what unique elements did you bring to the table to make the song your own?

I love this question! I think it’s mainly in the storytelling, for sure. I’ve always gravitated to the way they would emote, whether it’s the pause after a line or the power (or subtly) in the song's delivery, so I think about that when writing and recording. I’m not sure what unique elements are. Still, I am sure that I write from my viewpoint (however jaded), particularly with vulnerability and admitting one’s faults in the track is something I like to think adds a unique element. I also think I’m comfortable writing a song that allows the listener to determine who the protagonist is in the story (for some reason, it’s not always me!).

What's next for Saint Joshua after the release of your live EP and possible compilation album release in May? Are there any other projects or collaborations that you're working on that you can tell us about?

I am always cooking up something! Yes, I have a project on the way this year. It’s too early to say anything, but I think people may be surprised by the next set of materials. I’m getting more excited as the tracklist comes together and the list of collaborators grows. For now, let’s enjoy the release of EP3 Live. I have the live version of "Even If We Don’t," which comes out March 8th and let me say this, it is my favourite song to perform.


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