Saint Joshua Reminds Us What, "Love Is"

Hailing from South London, the authentic and soulful r&b artist/singer-songwriter Saint Joshua highlights themes of romance, love, and desire in his sophomore single, "Love Is."

Offering artistic similarities to acts like Daniel Ceasar, Saint Joshua found himself immersed in the r&b/hip-hop world after introducing himself to staple albums like 'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,' D'Angelo's 'Voodoo,' and Jill Scott's 'Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds Vol. 2.' Now creating music under a different moniker after his two-year hiatus, Saint Joshua is back and better than ever from the comfort of his home studio.

Now preparing to release his forthcoming 7-track debut EP, 'Pilot' in June, Saint Joshua introduces us to the project's sweet and savory sounds through its second released single, "Love Is." Drenching us in soulful, gentle, and cinematic tones while reminding listeners precisely what love is, Saint Joshua is bound to swoon any listener who graces their ears on this magnetic piece.

Produced by CMedina, "Love Is" begins with warm and haunting vocal harmonies that set the rich and passionate tone. As Saint Joshua's breathtaking vocals make their way in, he begins letting us into the song's passionate atmosphere alongside a tender and downtempo r&b beat. While Saint Joshua continues his heartfelt journey, the sonics slowly expand into this mesmerizing and alluring space that sweeps us off our feet.

Truly a perfect single to play on repeat while basking in the summer's heat, Saint Joshua and CMedina hold our hands and lead us through the song's heartfelt atmosphere with each melody, drum break, and harmony. Ending the song off with infinite passion, Saint Joshua and his soothing vocals keep us in awe while leaving us nothing but excited to venture into his forthcoming EP next month.

Remind yourself what "Love Is" with Saint Joshua's heartfelt single, and get to know the passionate r&b star as he prepares to drop the EP, 'Pilot,' later this June.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Saint Joshua. We adore the passion and desire you've placed into your recent single, "Love Is." What inspired you to create such a moving piece that touches on the idea of love and all its glory?

Thank you! "Love Is"...captures the magical qualities of what it feels like to be in love. In our current climate where we are trying to get control of a global pandemic, people have become hyper-aware of love or the absence of it in their lives. It's such a universal theme but can be explored from so many perspectives.

Do you often work with producer CMedina when creating your music? What was your collaborative experience like when creating "Love Is?"

I'm really glad I got to work with CMedina, this was the first time we have collaborated, he's very talented. Being in lockdown I searched for individuals I could work with online and that removed the requirement of finding producers within the UK. He’s a producer that shares a lot of his work online and his music really spoke to me and it was easy to write to. He produced all bar one song, which I produced.

We love the tropical and serene feel of your music video for "Love Is." Did you work alongside any directors, producers, or cinematographers to help bring your vision to life?

I had a lot of fun shooting the video for Love Is, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I have so many people to thank, for helping me to create such a brilliant space that really spoke to the vibe of the song. Tai Campbell was the director and he really helped to bring the vision to life. Spike Silverton did a fantastic job with the projections on set and took the concept to another level.

Why did you choose to release "Love Is" before your forthcoming EP 'Pilot?' Does the single capture or touch on any themes within the EP?

All the singles have stretched me musically and allowed me to express a different side of myself. "Love is"... is the first song on the EP, I ordered it first as I believe it sets the tone for the rest of the project. There are several themes that tie the EP together and I’m excited for everyone to listen and to interpret the project themselves