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Saint Scheriff Inspires on Latest Hit, "Hope"

Let Kenneth Sheriff's energy and infectious flow wash over you as you listen to his latest release, "Hope." Kenneth Scheriff, better known by his artist name: Saint Scheriff, is an American DJ and record producer from Long Island, New York.

His independent take on music allows him to infuse multiple genres into his creations. "Hope" is a perfect example of this trademark as we are shown a vast array of EDM and pop synth sounds.

"Hope" is a song about facing dark times in your life but holding on to resiliency and belief, the hope for better days.

The uplifting and inspiring lyrics combined with the infectious, joyous beat uplift the listener, Scheriff really does take you to cloud nine on this latest release. The powerful emphatic lyrics are the show stopper in this song, and the level of connection Scherriff brings to his listener is a refreshing display of optimism and support. Words like "I will fight, no nothing is going to stop me from living my best life," "There's always a hope when you find it," and "I'm full of feelings, you are the reason I've got no doubts," providing a reassuring perspective for anyone that may be battling within. We cannot let go of the delightful feeling "Hope" gives us. We know you will feel the same.

Discover "Hope" here.

Hello Saint Scheriff, and welcome to BuzzMusic. Your latest release "Hope" is such an energizing and positive listening experience. Can you tell our listeners a bit about how the song came together? Most of my favorite ideas for productions happen pretty quickly. For this particular track, my good friend OMZ had sent over a few vocals he recorded. With everything going on in the world, I really connected with the concept of “Hope” and built the track around my inspiration. With very strong lyrics, the motivation to make this track was easy. I woke up one morning, found those vocals, and the goal was to create a powerful dance track. 

When you create music, what are the general feelings and messages you want your listener to hear and experience? With my music, I usually take the time to create something very intimate; making the listener want to hear more. I think as producers, we all try to see growth in our sounds and the more music I’ve created, I’ve always strived to create what I’m feeling and to bring something different that I haven’t done in past productions. I think if there is one message to sum up my music, it would be “You only have one life, make it a great one”

"Hope" is an intimate reflection of one's struggle through tough times. Do you always try to incorporate personal messages within your music? I think in the world we are living in at the moment, it’s important to remain positive. For me, it’s through my music and what I portray as a producer. Depending on my mood in that moment, I’ll have a feel for where I want the track to end, as far as, the overall message of the song. I believe music should always resonate with a message whether it be through lyrics or sound. Some people will connect with that message, some people may not. I’m mostly focused on my art and my personal vision. If I’m able to impact one person even the slightest, that’s where my motivation stems from. 

You mentioned you really like to explore all genres and incorporate them into your music. What do you feel this exploratory style lends to your music?

I enjoy exploring genres and creating tracks that are built from emotion. I think when some producers sit down, they are so stressed to create or mix the music. My personal law for producing is based on the energy you give into the track is the energy you will get out. If I want to create a powerful track, I’ll put my mind into that state. If I want more of a chill vibe, I’ll produce using that feeling. For this project, I just wanted to give the listener some positive, summer sensation.   

What can fans anticipate next from you, Saint Scheriff?

Moving forward, I plan to continue my production process by finding quality singers to help my vision through lyrics and emotion. My ultimate goal after this pandemic is over would be to go on tour in Bali. I had visited Bali this past November and I really connected with the music and the culture I found there. I may even throw the Philippines on that tour. For now, I’ll be releasing music across platforms and continuing my radio show every week to bring good energy to the listener. I’m very excited for what my future holds. I love to see more and more people connecting with the vision I want to set forth. Thank you for this opportunity. Buzz Music is highly recommended for up-coming artists who have established their platform!


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