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Sajalie Makes His Debut With a Dreamy and "Dark" New Single

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, singer-songwriter and hip-hop/r&b recording artist Sajalie makes his big debut with a powerful and intense single entitled "Dark."

Sajalie has one goal in mind; to shake the industry at its core. The Atlanta-based recording artist best resides in the sounds of hip-hop but with an exciting twist. Sajalie strives to change the hip-hop game, as he considers the modern style rather bland. If there's one thing to expect when delving into Sajalie's sound, it's to expect the unexpected.

Introducing us to his heavy and gripping sounds through his big debut single, "Dark," Sajalie takes us through his unique hip-hop sound that jumps into dark and emotional r&b as well. The song is nothing but chilling; it leaves us on the hunt for more Sajalie tracks while allowing us to turn up, tune out, and kick back with the intense and soulful sounds.

Expanding on "Dark," the track opens with a cassette tape sound that drifts into a haunting and atmospheric r&b soundscape. As blistering sub-bass pours its way through our speakers, so do Sajalie's warm and vibrant vocals that hold a unique and low tone. We adore Sajalie's approach to modern hip-hop and r&b; it's truly unique in all aspects from sound, vibe, production, and lyrical delivery.

The song is incredibly dynamic, especially when we're drifting through the transcendent verses where Sajalie softly serenades us, making his way to the powerful hook that shakes our speakers with that prominent sub-bass. As Sajalie heads over to the outro with his chilling harmonies and subtle production, the song ends on a deep and "Dark" note of introspection.

Introduce yourself to Sajalie and his dreamy debut single, "Dark," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sajalie. Congratulation on the release of your intense debut single, "Dark." What inspired the song's emotional and passionate lyrical content?

I was trying to do something that was actually relatable. Within both the lyrics and theme of my Instagram, you’d see that it’s actually a lot deeper under the surface

Was it easy for you to open your heart and mind to write the lyrics for "Dark"? What was your songwriting process like?

Honestly, I guess you could say it was. Usually, when I’m in the process of writing a new song I end up freestyling. Interestingly enough this was the first time I ended up freestyling stuff while remaining with the same topic

Did you produce the vibrant and gripping sonics within "Dark"? Why did you choose to go for this particular mysterious and haunting sonic atmosphere?

No, I found the beat by searching through YouTube. It was made by this guy named Nicasso Beats. I chose this atmosphere because I felt as if it fit the theme of what I have going on at the moment.

Why did you want "Dark" to lead the way of your discography? How does this song help us prepare for what's to come in the future?

Dark is only the beginning of a collection of tapes that I plan I releasing eventually.

What's next for you?

I will be the next big thing to happen to art.


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