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sam. Breaks Down Her Wall And Allows Her Emotion To Sing!

When sam. sings you feel and hear every note. She sings from a place of passion and honesty. She shares her life experiences through her music and you can’t help but love her for that. For every life problem that sam. has encountered growing up, music has always been her escape. A brave soul indeed, sam. has challenged many triumphs in life that others cannot possibly wrap their heads around. She’s been through her fair share of mental health issues and wants to reach out to fans to connect over those issues and bridge the gap in understanding. Though many people do not know what it is like to have lived with mental health issues, sam. does and wants to make others with these issues feel less alone too. She believes connecting through music to be one of the ultimate forms of connection and strives to be an artist that can vibe with her fans and connect with them on a personal level.

sam. released her record titled “Wreck My Soul” and you can tell that she continues to sing from a vulnerable and pure emotion in her body. The gorgeous song has all the elements that makes up an authentic artist. sam. doesn’t try to fabricate a pop-star image, instead she organically allows herself to be her natural form. Which in my opinion, makes her more of a true bonafide star. This characteristic is displayed through not only the music but the video. Instead of going above and beyond with an extravagant outfit choice, and extra props, sam. kept it simplistic while still keeping you attentive to the video and hypnotized by her contextual vocals. You can’t help but feel more alive while listening to the genuineness and sincerity possessed in her voice and the eye-pleasing visual. sam. is a compelling songwriter who writes from a place where can appreciate to its fullest extent!

Be sure to catch sam.'s "Wreck My Soul" and don't miss out on the artists exclusive interview below!

Sam your story is highly compelling. As an advocate for mental health, have you ever thought about getting involved with organizations surrounding this topic?

I definitely have thought about getting involved in mental health related organizations. I wanted to volunteer for a while but could not find a position and then wanted to become a peer support worker in order to help others. I'm still hoping the peer support worker position will work out one day because I'm pretty passionate about it. I'd also like to speak out about mental health and how important it is to care for, but I don't have the platform for that right now.

“Wreck My Soul” was an amazing song! What’s the meaning behind it?

"Wreck My Soul" was written at a very difficult part of my life. The song talks about not feeling real or things not feeling real around me which meant I was dissociating a lot. Writing and singing about it helped ground me. I also talk about wanting to die in that song, and that's a very real reality for me. It's something I still struggle with. This song focuses on life feeling so wrong and hopeless, and everyone around me trying to keep me alive when I didn't want to be. It views a darker entity (the him I speak about) trying to "steal my soul" and kill me. Because essentially, that's what it feels like depression is doing to me.

What inspired you to write“Wreck My Soul” ?

What inspired me to write "Wreck My Soul" was purely the way I was feeling. Being so depressed and dissociating all the time, I couldn't take it anymore. I needed an outlet to express how I felt. So I wrote "Wreck My Soul" and I hope when others hear it, they can relate.

When creating the music video, what was the visual goal?

The visual goal for the video was to depict something that has happened to me before. Having Borderline Personality Disorder, life is tough to live, and sometimes when people break your heart, your all or nothing thinking takes over and you decide to kill yourself. This has been a reality so many times for me. I wanted to show people that although you may be depressed and suicidal, there is always hope. Hope came to me in that video as my husband saving my life and showing me that he did love me and wanted to stay with me.

Are you excited or nervous for your very first show coming up in May?

I'm very excited and very nervous for my first show in May! I'm trying to mentally prepare myself but I don't feel as scared of the crowd as I thought I would be feeling. I often envision the crowd in my head with me on stage and it excites me. I'm happy to vibe with so many people!


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