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Sam Hunter is Tired of the "Excuses"

Known best for his versatile and energetic performances, singer-songwriter Sam Hunter has emerged in the Hip-hop scene as a melodic Sydney-based entertainer who unceasingly engages his audience.

Thriving in good intent, a unique sound, and his smooth stylings, Sam Hunter is a force to be reckoned with as he continues to garner attention and take over the industry.

Navigating his audience through his most recent single, “Excuses,” Sam Hunter provides a reflective offering to the harmonious essence of his emcee abilities. Being versatile in the way that he presents his craft, intimate instrumentation weaves us through our thoughts and emotions as we prepare to embark on a sonic voyage of precise intentions.

Elusive synths, warm saxophone notes, and euphonious timbres come to sweep us up in a way that we didn’t know we needed.

“Excuses,” delves into a narrative of responsibility and self-awareness, as the question of, ‘are we responsible for the things that we do, think, feel and say,?’ arises. We love the multi-dimensions of texture that come spiraling in as Sam Hunter delivers a cognizant series of words that have us drifting into the lyrical motifs he brings to the foreground. Through the doubling effect of his vocals, the content conveyed to us remains more prominent in the way it simmers on our minds.

Being written over a week of people watching as Sam Hunter began to latch onto the habits that society indulges in, he noticed the vast amount of excuses being made. Sam Hunter is brilliant in his artistic talents and the manner in which he allows his craft to speak for itself. With retrospective soundscapes triumphantly dominating our soundwaves, we anticipate the next sonic expedition he’ll send us on.

Hello Sam Hunter, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of “Excuses.” It’s great to be able to chat with you, Sam Hunter! With such an interesting concept being brought to life, was there anything that inspired you to take in the acts of society in their day-to-day life? It's great to be able to chat with you too! This is what I love about the internet, connecting with humans all over the world and you don't even have to leave your house. That being said, I love the human experience, and communicating is something I strongly believe in! That's what inspired me to write 'Excuses'. I've spent over a decade behind a coffee machine (whilst pursuing music) and here in Australia, morning culture is prominent. Communities all over the country love their barista's and it's almost like we are a support system for day-to-day woes and problems. People come to me and get their caffeine fix, and then open up and talk about almost anything. The week I wrote 'Excuses', seemed to be a manic week for humans in my community and I kept having conversations that ultimately led to people complaining about 3 key topics... time, work, and family. Watching people convince themselves that they couldn't change their circumstances by using excuses really sparked a thought in my brain and that's when I wrote the song

It seems like you tapped into a unique headspace while creating “Excuses.” Do you always take this creative approach to the records you create? Could you please share a glimpse of some similarities and differences in your process that you endure? Thank you for noticing, that is such a great question! I have found that the process has changed so much over the last 13 years of writing songs. Now I have my own creative writing process that I also teach to students in my youth program, I can plug it into almost any topic, theme, environment, or feelings that I wish to express. My last 3 releases were exactly the same process as 'Excuses'... an experience-based writing process. I think it's important to understand the human experience as an artist and keep asking key questions such as "Why am I writing this?", "What is the purpose?", "Where will it fit in?", "What will it sound like?" etc. I feel like my purpose on this planet is to tell stories and share experiences and information about current issues, topics, politics, and use my music to express the way I feel. Sometimes I write a whole song in 10 mins and it just comes to me and then other times I will freestyle whilst we are producing the music and then by the end of it I'll have a song with a topic and purpose. I can't say I've had "writer's block" at all in the last 2 years and I think that comes down to a basic understanding. I know who I am, I know what my purpose is and I am passionate about what I do. Therefore I trust in whatever process I use to create and let it happen in the way the universe will let it unfold. I don't overthink and stress about the final product when I choose to create because that just isn't enjoyable How would you compare “Excuses,” to other songs heard in your music catalog? This song is much like my others in a sense of the message. The message is real, it's something we can all relate to and I'm also calling myself out for making excuses. The music is much more modern though! I love this new direction because I can really push my vocal range and produce music that sounds current, fresh, and hopefully, people will vibe too! Alternate RnB, Neo Soul, and Hip Hop are what I'm currently focussing on. What is your mission statement as an artist? Simply to entertain and make people smile, enjoy themselves. As an artist, I want to engage with humans all around the world, especially those who are struggling with their own problems or identity. I would like my music to help them remember that it's ok to be yourself and follow your dreams. Say no to things you don't enjoy! If I can do all of this in many different areas of entertainment then I will be in a position where I can really start giving back and helping future generations to build a better world!



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